Bangkok Trip: Day 5 & 6

 This is the last post for my 6D5N Bangkok trip! Hehe so sorry for flooding what may be uninteresting to you but when I get busy or tired, I find personal/leisure posts the most easy to edit & write. And for such posts, you may find most grammar mistakes as I just type whatever came to my mind.

Now, you know I can be a very “sum-pat” person by reading my English!

 photo IMG_4225__zps73ca7225.jpg

The morning sun & hungry “ghost” queueing for some super yummy food!

 photo IMG_4224_zps88ffe706.jpg

It’s a very famous stall with their specialties – Wanton Mee & Pork Rice.

 photo IMG_4226_zps492ca23e.jpg

Only a few minutes from the hotel I was staying at!

 photo IMG_4228_zpsd97a0758.jpg

I can easily “whack” 2 bowls of this Wanton noodles, soup & all.

The soup was really fragrant & a friend who tried the dry version commented that she will only go for the soupy one next time.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the pork rice. Maybe one of them did. I tell you, I have never eaten so much pork & rice for breakfast before. It was so good that I shared a plate of it with my friend after my own bowl of Wanton Mee.

 photo IMG_4230__zpsa9bc506b.jpg

My money ran out on day 4 and coz it was night time, I didn’t get to change & relied on C’s pathetic balance. Day 5 morning after breakfast, change more $$$ for last minute shopping!

 photo IMG_4232__zpsce977c10.jpg

In the afternoon, A & her group of colleagues flew in to BKK & we all met up to go try more delicious food! Hee!

 photo IMG_4233_zps96af6ec3.jpg

This particular road has many dustbins (which is rare in Thailand)! Glad they are improving!

 photo IMG_4234_zps4c6502b8.jpg

 photo IMG_4235_zps2ab02909.jpg

This woman soooo hungry she gotta eat & eat while we walked to the BTS station.

 photo IMG_4236__zps29171459.jpg

We alighted at “Monument Victory” station to go find this Boat noodles that W & T highly recommend!

 photo IMG_4238_zps609b3a5c.jpg

After walking so much under the sun, I totally appreciate this giant bottle of coke (which I usually don’t drink) with a cup-ful of ice. Super refreshing!

 photo IMG_4239__zps5edaebd6.jpg

8 of us had 3-4 bottles of this!

 photo IMG_4242_zpsa739aa75.jpg

Then, our noodles started coming one by one until they gotta be stacked up.

Each bowl of noodles cost 40baht (sgd $1.60) which a man can finish in 1-2 mouthfuls, and ladies 3-4. Initially I thought it’s VERY CHEAP but….

 photo IMG_4243_zps4258bcdb.jpg

If you have a good appetite, you can jolly well clean up 10-15 bowls of this by yourself.

And that means, you spend an average of SGD$16-$24 on just eating noodles. Hahaha!

 photo 2d071f4433eb11e3a47822000a9f3c30_8_zps076df207.jpg

Because I had a lot of coke & got bloated, I only managed to eat 6 bowls.

 photo IMG_4244__zps752beeb3.jpg

 photo IMG_4245__zps6d09b4f4.jpg

Shopping around the area after a huge lunch!

 photo IMG_4255__zps7bfdb5ad.jpg

Followed by some drinking at night outside Novotel Hotel.

We wanted to go for massage as a group but they were kinda packed so we split up. 3 of them decided to go to Siam night market & the remaining 5 of us thought we should eat something since we didn’t really have dinner. We were still feeling full, so we agreed to just have a few bites…..

however, the bites ended up as really big bites LOL!

 photo IMG_4256_zps45690517.jpg

Salted Grilled Fish that is damn nice with their green chilli!

 photo IMG_4257_zps2d1ec0ea.jpg


 photo IMG_4259_zps0bde2c5d.jpg

Prawns. The most expensive dish in Bangkok.

 photo IMG_4261_zps0484e26b.jpg


The more we ate, the more we wanted!

 photo IMG_4262_zps04838a30.jpg

So we ordered another huge fish. ;-p

This wasn’t as nice as the first one we had though.

 photo NEWMANexclusiveAmariWatergate_zps3a4718e3.jpg

C also collected her tailored business shirts & pants from Newman Exclusive at Amari Watergate. It’s kinda opposite Platinum Mall.

 photo IMG_4269__zps5c095163.jpg

Day 6 soon came & we were all packed & ready to come back to SG! My 28″ luggage standing at my hip & 100% of shopping loots. ;-D

 photo IMG_4271__zps2c0e88ee.jpg

 Someone was really sad about leaving Bangkok.

Here’s a summary of my Bangkok trip:

  • Things are much more expensive as compared to 5 years ago.

  • 5 years ago, I spent $800 for the whole trip. This time I spent around $1300. Almost same amount of shopping worth 13kg. (For your reference) If I am really in a shopping mood I figure I need $2000-$2500.

  • Hard to bargain for cheap prices anymore as they go by this wholesale rule which isn’t really very cheap either. Eg: 200baht/piece, 180baht (min 3 pieces). The 20baht convert to sgd is a mere $0.80 off which isn’t a significant difference to use but as a tourist, we die die want to have some discount.

  • Good thing about fixed prices is that those who dislikes/can’t bargain finds it easier.

  • Bad thing is that some shop assistants/bosses will tell you 350baht is the fixed price but when a thai fellow asked them in their language they replied it’s 200baht for the same clothing. Just happened I understood that & I told C to just leave it & go.

  • I did not get to eat my “non-pai” (fried worms) & I was really upset. Try again soon.

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Thanks for reading! Bye! ;-)


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