24K Golden Pulse Beauty T-Bar

 Japan sure has got many “Best NO.1” products!

 If you are following me on Instagram (@Herine_Ang), you would have already seen my purchase of 4 of this beauty bar. ;-D


I was sold after I watched the video!

Popular Beauty Product in Japan & Taiwan ★
★Eliminate Eye Bags, Restore Skin Radiance, Firmness & Elasticity★

What it does:

  • vibrates 6,000 times/minute (micro vibration), giving the facial muscle a right amount of stimulation in order to achieve a firming effect
  • reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead & neck
  • instantly reshape the face contour

The natural current which exists inside the body can be affected by pressure and aging, which is the main cause for spots and loosed skin. Since the wavelength of gold ions and living organisms’ natural current is the same, a slide of the gold ions on the skin can regulate and balance the bioelectricity, thus promotes metabolism and activates skin cells, giving radiance and elasticity to the skin.

Weight : About 80g(The dry battery is contained)
 Tell me who don’t want such results!

By using this T-bar to do a lymphatic draining massage on the face, it effectively lifts the face contours. I was skeptical initially; tried it on the side of my nose & I was surprised to find that the appearance of my nose looks smaller after each use! I don’t think it really makes the nose smaller but because it firms the skin, thus it visually appear smaller. *thumbsup!

After trying it on myself, I have specially included this 24K Golden Pulse Beauty T-Bar in one of my facial menu for my clients.

Pampering Facial (90-100mins) – $75

Cleanse, Scrub/ Clay Mask, Steam, Extraction, High Frequency, Eyebrow Trimming, 24k Gold Beauty Bar + Ampoule Treatment,  Mask, Shoulders & Head Massage.

FREE Collagen Crystal Eye Mask (another one of my favourite product!) for the first 18 customers who purchase “Pampering facial” at $75. While stock lasts.

For more info, click HERE.

Herine Beauty: Face & Body is located at Blk 825 Tampines Street 81 #01-62 Singapore 520825.



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