Bangkok Trip: Day 4 of 6

 Are you bored already of my Bangkok posts? So sorry for spamming but I wanna keep my posts short & sweet so gotta separate it & also trying my best to recall what I did each day. ;-p

 photo IMG_4200__zps00de545f.jpg

Going to Chatuchak on Day 4 & wearing super lightweight outfit! Tied my hair as I foresee that I will be perspiring like mad.

 photo IMG_4202__zpsd332d944.jpg

 photo IMG_4205__zps142b6935.jpg

But first, need breakfast to kick start the day!

 photo IMG_4203_zps1a929b5e.jpg

Chicken Porridge + egg at Mac!

Took a 30 minutes taxi to Chatuchak.

 photo IMG_4206_zpsda40b621.jpg

Coconut & Milk Tea Ice Cream to combat the heat!

 photo IMG_4208_zps689f4762.jpg

Green Curry Noodles! Yumz!

 photo IMG_4207_zps51a915cb.jpg

C’s Tom Yum Noodles! Very spicy but damn nice!

 photo IMG_4219__zps99b13fc0.jpg

After hauling some shopping back to the hotel, we met some friends (who happened to be at BKK too & staying in the same hotel) for a beer chill out night!

 photo IMG_4221__zps95447e83.jpg

 photo IMG_4222__zps3d286268.jpg

No makeup & hair was in a mess!

 photo IMG_4209_zps7c37b248.jpg

Our caps haul! ❤

Been walking too much & my legs screamed every day so I ended up having leg massage more than the full body thai massage!

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By the way, I’m on Dayre! Follow me for daily snippets/spams! ;-p

Thanks for reading! Bye! 😉


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