Bangkok Trip: Day 3 of 6

 Bangkok: Day 3

 Kinda feeling sad that we gotta leave our lovely service apartment but then we were gonna go stay just opposite of Platinum Mall & that means I can shop & shop!

 photo IMG_4149_zps50f34918.jpg

And we got ready to depart for Glow Pratunam Hotel!

 photo IMG_4150__zps39bab48b.jpg

Outfit that day: Skull cropped sleeveless top, denim shorts with my trusty skull cap & sling bag!

That’s the small but practical pool behind.

 photo IMG_4154_zpsee1579f6.jpg


While waiting to check in our room, I quickly go online for social media updates hahahaha…..

 photo IMG_4167_zps41e909f1.jpg

Our room for the last 3 nights in Bangkok!

The room is pretty spacious for 2. Interior is nice BUT…. the floor got some stains and felt sticky. I was so paranoid that I took tissue to wipe & wore the bedroom slippers all the way.

 photo IMG_4168_zpsca8c90a0.jpg

Nice bright & clean toilet.

The first hotel that gave us 2 ash trays when we asked for a smoking room. 1 at the TV, 1 in the toilet. Smokers will like this I presume? Can do your business & puff away at the same time. LOL!

 photo IMG_4170_zps5b416509.jpg

Why no rainshower? ;-(

 photo IMG_4169_zps7239f72d.jpg

 photo wardrobecollage_zps74952979.jpg

The both-way wardrobe. Can open from the bathroom or outside but dangerous if happen that you are showering & wanna take clothes from inside then just nice the other party gonna take his/her stuff from the other side then EXPOSE! (ok, what kind of english is this man tssskkk)

You understood what  was saying right? ;-p It happened to C & she “OEI” me damn loud coz our friend, Amy was in our room on the 5th day. wahahahahaha!

 photo IMG_4175_zps72d9559b.jpg

The mini pantry corner with sticky stains on the bar top. (I was getting kinda frustrated at the niam niam stuff already)

 photo IMG_4176_zpsa085df05.jpg

 Sofa that we sat on when we haven’t shower or to put our stuff. Yup, C & I of the same kind. We don’t ever sit on the bed if we came back from outside.

 photo IMG_4184_zps1be5fc48.jpg

I slept on the right side of the bed and became the Control Master for 3 nights. ;-p

No need to walk to off lights whatsoever!

 photo IMG_4177_zps5151db9e.jpg

Whole stretch of mirror. Good. We won’t fight.

I love the bench that we can put our luggages on & open it without making a mess in the room.

And once again, the vanity/desk also has STICKY STAINS!! What the hell has the previous occupant done?! WHY U ALL SO DIRTY ONE! Why the housekeeping people never clean propoerly? Why we didn’t even remember to go & feedback to them nor call for room service? *feelingdumb now.

 photo IMG_4180_zpsddea92c6.jpg

Our room on the 10th floor overlooks the pool…..

 photo IMG_4181_zpsb71c40f8.jpg

….and gym.

 photo IMG_4163_zps427bdf42.jpg

Some quick food nearby! I had Tom Yum noodles but I didn’t like it so much. The instant-alike noodles were a bit hard for my preference.

 photo IMG_4165_zps6b30f468.jpg

C’s Phad Thai was nicer.

Didn’t take photos of our loots as usual coz really A LOT! But if I wear them out, I will update my OOTD on Instagram! Follow me @Herine_Ang if you haven’t! 😉

 photo IMG_4185_zps34ac37a0.jpg

At night, we went to try out the seafood stalls near to Central World. We picked the stall that looks the cleanest.

We ordered 4 dishes with rice to share. And a beer. I had quit my heavy drinking in March so nowadays one glass & I didn’t feel like drinking anymore.

 photo IMG_4191_zpsb104db38.jpg

Tom Yum Soup was really nice though there was only mushrooms inside.

 photo IMG_4195_zpsf8ab7206.jpg

Some pork innards that C doesn’t like. Very spicy!

 photo IMG_4196_zps631c1e85.jpg

While walking back to our hotel, we were shopping at those roadside stalls & even though I was very full, I still die die wanna eat my Banana crepe pancake whatever with chocolate sauce. Om nom nomz.

 photo IMG_4199_zpsb405a6b9.jpg

Yellow Minion tee that blinks & cute little loafers that we got for Hugo!


 In the same building as Glow Pratunum Hotel, on the 6th floor there is this newly opened Spa that we frequent for 4 days. It’s 300baht (SGD$12) for 60mins Traditional Thai Massage & 700-750baht for aromatherapy oil massage. Slightly pricer than others but we rather pay for this kinda environment & service.

The males bosses are very friendly but if it’s your first time there, they can be a bit pushy. They will ask for you to pre-book your appointment & leave a deposit. Because they don’t have a proper system yet, they might unintentionally forgot your deposit & ask for full payment after your massage. So, please bear in mind!

After the 1st day, C and I stopped booking & usually just walk in & try our luck which we usually can get since they have high manpower lah. 😉

Check out my day 1 & 2 posts:

Thanks for reading!

And if you are thinking of going for a relaxing & affordable facial or massage in east of Singapore, head over to! 😉



  1. hi, thanks for the informative blogpost on bangkok!

    For the massage at Shibuya 19, any idea what time is the shop opened?
    Did you try the Traditional Thai Massage? Thanks!



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