Haruen Dorothy: Roll The Sebum Away

 Ever since I started Herine Beauty: Face & Body, shopping for beauty products & tools became more frequent. Some times, when I was planning to look for something, I end up getting another thing instead on qoo10.sg.


 I came across Haruen Dorothy – oily face/grease cleaner & it totally sparked my interest! That left side of the face is SO me!

This beauty tool is a big hit in Taiwan!


 Made of natural volcanic mineral rock, the product is processed and produced in rolling ball form.


 They claimed that the mineral rock is very good at absorbing dirt & bacteria. Look at that photo of the clogged pores!

I couldn’t resist…. so I bought it at a promotional price of $9.90. ;-p


It arrived within the week & the packaging is pleasing to my eyes. 😉


The tool is light & small. Ball bearing can be changed.

I tried immediately when I received it & I was surprised to find that the oil absorption power is not a lie!


Hence, over the week, I stopped using my blotters and this tool is a good replacement.


Here’s how it looks like after using. It will later dry up and look powdery again.

I use this to massage every day and whilst it’s good at absorbing sebum and some dirt, I haven’t see the effect of smaller & firmer face. I am also using another beauty tool to lift & slim my face down so maybe that’s why I don’t see visible results. (Shall review that tool in another post.)

I have also tried this tool over makeup and it doesn’t removes/affects much unless my skin is really oily until can fry egg that kind. I hardly allow that to happen though. So gross when hair sticks to the face coz of the sebum!

I rate this product a 4/5.

Check out the video where they did the oil test. 😉

And if you are keen to purchase, click here.


Update on 20/11: After using it for 1 week plus, the rock seemed to be unable to absorb my sebum anymore so I washed it with soap & now it looks better but I figured the same ball can only be used for another 2 weeks before I gotta change it for good. Their website sells 4 refill balls for $25 if I am not wrong. My friend after saw me using also bought & she pointed out that the refills are more expensive than the tool + balls. Definitely not cheap for long term use.


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