Danahan Hyoyong Yun Face Powder & Ecopure Aloe Eye Cream

 Take a look at my current loose powder and eyecare product!

These products are from Somang. I received the Danahan Hyoyong Yun Face Powder during the beauty bloggers’ event a couple of months back & I have been using it since!


It comes in a red packaging which at first glance resembles a mooncake box. Some ingredients in this powder are red ginseng, diamond powder & 30 other different herbs.


I am using the lightest one. The powder is very fine and gives off a very slight shimmer/radiance. It makes my face brighter and provides little coverage. I usually use this after my tinted sunblock, however on days that my skin is angry, this can be a tad dry. So go easy on it if you have dry skin. Good for oily skin!


In the package, there is a jar of face powder and an empty compact casing + spatula. I love the gold oriental casing. 😉


Ideal for people who wanna touch up on the go, simply scoop and fill in and cover with the veil provided.

Danahan Hyoyong Yun Face Powder retails at $99 (if I didn’t remember wrongly) and is available at all Somang outlets.


 I bought a tube Danahan Ecopure Aloe Eye Cream a few weeks before I start using Danahan Hyoyong Yun Face Powder. Texture is smooth and creamy, and that eases the application process.

I massage my eyes twice a day to keep my peepers hydrated and wrinkle-free. As it is more of a moisturizing/soothing product, it does not help in reducing eyebags/dark circles. I would say it varies for individuals. Maybe slight improvement if you massage and help the blood circulate on a daily basis.

I bought this at $30+.

Another product that I like from somang is Midnight Regenerating Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream. Check out my review HERE.


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