Bangkok Trip: Day 1 of 6

While I as on my way to my service apartment from Thailand airport, I looked out of the taxi and a question suddenly appeared in my head.

“Will I ever want to live in Bangkok or any part of Thailand for good?” – No.

This was when I realized that despite the excitement and enthusiasm of having a holiday overseas and spending much lesser, I still love living in Singapore. #randomthought

 photo IMG_3957_zps2dcf80bd.jpg

Bangkok, 5 years ago, was dirtier than what I saw on my recent trip. For this, I am very glad. They are surely improving, except for the signature dangling everywhere electric cables which look like a great hangout for birds (if electricity don’t leak). Well…. as much as the shopping cost too.

 photo IMG_3954_zps326c07ba.jpg

The 6.35am flight landed us in Thailand at 8am. Which is super early!

 photo IMG_3960__zps40224a2a.jpg

Reached Somerset Sukhumvit Thonglor Bangkok service apartment!

 photo IMG_3988_zpsfc28f547.jpg

Concierge reception area.

We were supposed to check in only at 12noon, however the staff were so helpful to arrange for 11am check-in!

 photo IMG_3985_zpsa47b3209.jpg

 photo IMG_3986_zps486d61d3.jpg

We left our luggages with the concierge & head out for some food arouind Thonglor area!

 photo IMG_3964__zpsc3015c09.jpg

Sleepy but very excited when it comes to food. Hahaha!

 photo IMG_3965_zps5594c92e.jpg

A nice bowl of kway teow soup with meatballs & fishcakes by the roadside!

Went back to the hotel before 11am to check out the pool & facilities!

 photo IMG_3969_zpse45b6e12.jpg

Infinity pool! Which I was already very excited about when C just booked this serviced residence apartment!

 photo IMG_3967_zps4f093fd6.jpg

 photo IMG_3970_zpse33d3bab.jpg

 photo IMG_3973_zpsf9593145.jpg

Bar at the pool area.

 photo IMG_3972_zps64c04d77.jpg

Gym on the same level, facing the pool.

 photo IMG_3974_zpsfbc69ceb.jpg

 photo IMG_3976_zps190b269a.jpg

Check out the changing room, shall we?

 photo IMG_3977_zpsccc9c316.jpg

The showers are big and clean but we didn’t get to use throughout the 2-nights stay. I suppose it rarely used as most expat residents would head back to their own apartments for showers.

 photo IMG_3978_zps412ca2d2.jpg

 photo IMG_3979_zps3107b3e7.jpg


 photo IMG_3980_zpsc8f0cf2a.jpg

Steam room.

 photo IMG_3981_zpsa799b217.jpg

2 crazy people photo-bombing each other.

 photo IMG_3990_zpsc0950041.jpg

Here’s how our room looks like from the door!

 photo IMG_3991_zpse3013140.jpg

Fully equipped kitchenette & washing machine!

 photo IMG_4013_zps7b06027c.jpg

 photo IMG_4014_zpsb4355819.jpg

 photo IMG_3994_zps1e1f1c2c.jpg

 Extremely spacious! 

 photo IMG_3995_zpsbfd4406a.jpg

Bathroom with bath tub. 😉

 photo IMG_3999_zps3bd982a7.jpg

Living room & bedroom merged. LOL. There is a small balcony which I didn’t go out to.

 photo IMG_4003_zpsba633995.jpg

Work desk & TV.

 photo IMG_4007_zps8b3bb729.jpg

C shows you how big the room is.

And since we were in Bangkok so early, we decided we could use a swim after the hearty breakfast that had us sweating like crazy!

 photo IMG_4020_zps4cd09883.jpg

When we were dressed and outside, we perspired like mad… but the water was super cold! And it wasn’t really very sunny. I think the building structure & direction can’t get a lot of sun.

 photo IMG_4030_zpsc889fdf9.jpg

Gorgeous view.

 photo IMG_4034_zps83d93de0.jpg

 photo IMG_4048_zpsefb7c323.jpg

After the swim, we were so cold so we microwaved Tom Yum Wanton Soup while I put the bath. ;-D

 photo IMG_4053_zpsc40e521b.jpg

From CP. hehehe. A bit too salty I feel!

 photo IMG_4054_zps5f751ca8.jpg

Brought a small jar of the Honey Bubble Bath Melt from The Body Shop and see how well the foam holds!

 photo IMG_4065_zps4249961c.jpg

Foam overflow! I thought the small jar was not sufficient for the whole tub of water so I pumped in a tiny bit of shower gel too. By the time I came back to the bathroom, I gotta yelled for C to come help scoop mountain pile of foam off.

The foam you see in the photo above was already under control!

 photo IMG_4069_zps87008c8b.jpg

Mohawk bubble hair.

After the long soak-and-play-with-bubbles until our skin got wrinkly, we headed out to Pratunum area for more food & to tailor C’s business wear.

 photo IMG_4073_zps00f502e3.jpg

Hot & Crispy Banana Chocolate Crepe. Yumz.

 photo IMG_4077__zpsd06ccaf1.jpg

My first time taking BTS! At Chit Lom station.

After some shopping we headed back to Thonglor via BTS & went to find this cafe called Greyhounds which has some good reviews!

Everyone was really well-dressed! C & I felt a tad out our slippers and bags of shopping and food. ;-O

 photo IMG_4081_zpse64ed735.jpg

Thank goodness for the 3G data sim card. I was on social media updating whenever I can.

 photo IMG_4093_zps6c84d5e5.jpg

Juices that were very nice!

 photo IMG_4085_zps910b047b.jpg

Onion soup with cheese!

 photo IMG_4083_zpsee366f7b.jpg

Chicken wings that aren’t quite the norm elsewhere as they were much smaller but darn delicious.

 photo IMG_4087_zpsb0c181fb.jpg

Can’t remember what pasta is this… Lobster bisque maybe? Or seafood? It was damn awesome!

 photo IMG_4090_zps3290941f.jpg

Chicken with nacho. Yummy until…!

 photo IMG_4099_zps657ae0f8.jpg

C & I went to the Top Market (supermarket) to buy some food to make for breakfast… I know.. we are in Bangkok should have eat out but the apartment’s kitchen we just gotta use at least once then shiok! The ingredients not any cheaper than Singapore man! No wonder expats’ $$ so good to earn.

 photo IMG_4102_zps2851ef40.jpg

 Frigging awesome Mango Sticky Rice from Mae Varee. The shop is just a few steps from Thonglor station and they are very well-known as well as a big shop on their own! This is definitely the juiciest & sweetest mango I ever tasted! Sticky rice we tried the red beans, original and pandan ones. I personally only like the original plain & pandan one.

That’s all for my Day 1 trip in Bangkok! I hope I can do the rest soon! 😉



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