L’oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster

The new L’oreal Paris Blackbuster eyeliner looks nothing less than a whiteboard marker.


The thought of using a marker to line my eyes wasn’t very exciting for me as I have sensitive, thin and saggy eyelids which I thought will be further aggravated by such an innovation.

But I just gotta try it out!


Testing the eyeliner on my hand first to see if it’s gonna be too rough on my skin. I am surprised that it lines easily and the thickness of the lines can be pretty much controlled. However, it bled on certain part of the skin and especially when I applied more on a certain area.


L’oreal Paris claims that this new eyeliner is of a very intense black. Viv tested it on her eyelid above her kpalette’s eyeliner (that she has worn for numerous hours prior to blackbuster’s application) & clearly the Blackbuster isn’t as black as they think it is. Maybe we should try layering another 3 times over it.

L’oreal Paris also claims that Black Buster is smudge-proof but NOT water-proof. I went home to streaks (the lines drawn on my hand in photo above) that stayed till the next day. My eyeliner smudged even when I applied eyeshadow hoping to hold it better.

Great for beginners though, at $20.90. 😉

Rating: 2.5/5

If you can guess, Blackbuster is sitting in my drawer waiting for the next halloween if it hasn’t dries up by then.


Here’s some other products that I like/like better from Loreal!


False Lash mascara. A tad dry but defines the lashes well.



The new Lucent blush which is not in the stores yet! So happy to get it. I love the 3 different shades of pink!



Nude lippie with shimmer. I love nude.


 Makes my lips look natural & healthy.

Thanks for reading & come back soon for a very kittylicious post! 😉



  1. […] What you see above is about 4 – 5 layers of Blackbuster. And some minor photo editing for contrast. Herine took a pic of my eye when we were at the event so I now have the weird pleasure to credit her for her picture when it’s my eye =.= I was already wearing K-Palette for about 6 hours prior to this picture and one coat of Blackbuster comes out as brown, instead of black on my tanned skin. (Read Herine’s take on Blackbuster here.) […]



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