Who Killed The Sun?

How many steps are there in your typical skincare routine?

For me, when I get really lazy, it’s toner & sleeping mask (night-time) so that makes 2 steps. Most times, it will be a 4-7 steps. Out of this 7 steps, 6 steps belong to the toning, moisturizing and nourishing of the skin and sunblock will take the last step.

When I first started using sunblock, I remember it was a SPF15 sunblock & I used that for a long long time, be it a casual date, stay-home day or to the nature doing some light sports. Or even a SPF5 suntanning oil & literally baked myself crispy & dry under the sun. WHAT?!

Okie, that was the past. Please don’t use that against me. ;-p

 photo IMG_3930_zps0de316d9.jpg

The new-age woman protects herself from the sun with different sunscreen products on different occasions!

Japanese suncare brand Sunkiller offers you the perfect sunblock wardrobe to suit different skin conditions, occasions, and lifestyles.

 photo IMG_3919_zpsa21ecdbe.jpg

I can never stress enough on the importance of sun protection!

Last week, I was at a “crime scene”. Among the 15 beauty bloggers who were present, 5 are secret killers. Read on to see if you can find any hints/clues!

For now, let’s check out the 5 sunscreens & their colorful packagings!


The Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50+PA+++ ($14.90 for 30ml)

• Doubles up as a BB cream by giving you natural coverage and concealing spots, pores and fine lines.

• Contains nourishing and moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and royal jelly.

• Is a water- and sweat-proof formula free of the ‘sunscreen smell’.

 photo BBcollage_zpsec7d0ea4.jpg

I love this BB sunscreen! The watery lotion makes application a breeze! This is probably the only time I smeared BB cream all over my face instead of the usual dabbing for fear that it may leave a patchy effect.

BB Perfect Strong blends incredibly well & totally don’t feel oily at all! The other day I was out with pals; we brought the dog to Punggol Promenade & I thought I should give this a try. Going on an outdoor walk is the time I like to act like I have got no makeup on & still look radiant and beautiful lah… And I think I was quite passable lor! *Flips hair* muahahahah super not shy!


The Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+PA++++ ($14.90 for 30ml)

• Is the very first sunscreen product in the mass market in Japan with the PA++++ rating.

• Offers superior UV-blocking with a special UV Cut Powder that improves the way it clings to your skin for even, long-lasting protection.

• Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to hydrate and firm skin.

• Is a water- and sweat-proof formula that does not leave a white residue, but leaves behind a soft citrusy scent on skin.


The Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++ ($14.90 for 30ml)

• Protects sensitive skin from UV rays, spreads well on skin and can be removed easily with regular cleansing.

• Is free from UV absorbents, alcohols, fragrances, synthetic pigments and mineral oil.

• It has been tested for skin irritability on adults as well as on children over 1 year of age.

I use this when I’m blogging at home & I love how milky it is and my skin feels so nourished & protected!


The Sunkiller Clear Water A SPF50+PA+++ ($14.90 for 30ml)

• Contains an Aqua Charge Complex of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, seaweed extract and hamamelis extract that intensely replenishes skin’s moisture levels.

• Spreads well and feels as light and refreshing on skin as water, making it a pleasure to apply.

• Is a water- and sweat-proof formula that can also be used for outdoor activities


The Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong SPF50+PA+++ ($14.90 for 30ml)

• Gives a pleasant cooling sensation popular with both men and women, thanks to its menthol blend.

• Is formulated with a special silky powder, so it does not feel sticky but instead provides a mattifying effect.

• Moisturises skin with seaweed extract, scutellaria baicalensia extract and loofa extract, and firms skin with hamamelis extract.

• Is a formula highly resistant to perspiration, water, and sebum. 

Tried this out on my neck when we walked the dog & it feels refreshing! 😉

 photo IMG_3924_zps83074875.jpg

Loading some energy before the killing & getting killed game starts!

 photo IMG_3918_zpsebcf8901.jpg

Verlyn & I roaming around as we were too early for the event.

 photo CreditMinru2_zps2726c28f.jpg

(photo credit: Miss Rusty)

The group of beautiful killers & victims! We didn’t know each other’s identities.

 photo CreditMinru1_zps30f629e3.jpg

One with Kimberly & Rusty!  

 photo IMG_3929_zpse2f8270a.jpg

 *wink wink*

Sunkiller will be launching “Who is the Sun Killer?” campaign soon! This is a facebook app that will feature all our mugshots (with blog links), and you viewers will be asked to guess the identity of the murderers by picking up clues on our blogs!

Great prizes to be won!

Like Sunkiller on Facebook HERE now! For some live photos on the day of event, check out on Instagram #whokilledthesun.

 photo IMG_3911_zps63688940.jpgOOTD shot.

Good luck and I hope you managed to pick some clues!!


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