Walk The Dog + Horse Ranch

 I am really looking forward to my weekends nowadays!

Today is friday night and I’m gonna be good and stay home coz I am going to JB with the pals early tomorrow morning! Can you believe that I know my besties for more than 10years but have never once travel out of SG together before? Of course, there were some complications too lah… but I am just soooo happy I get to do so many things now that I’m temporary free!

 photo 20130928_154102_zps1158111d.jpg

 Out to a beautiful place with pals & Louis (their 13 year old Jack Russell.)

 Anyway, here’s some photos of my last weekend!

 photo 20130928_154018_zps82cf1d29.jpg

We drove to Pungol Promenade (if i’m not wrong) where the Horse Ranch is.

 photo 20130928_153932_zps1dd69ee0.jpg

There’s chalet available for rent! I didn’t even know this place exists!

 photo IMG_20130928_151711_zps52167f72.jpg

 Ditched my usual black caps look & went for pink instead.

 photo IMG-20130928-WA0015_zpsf845afbc.jpg

The Auntie & Uncle. lol~

 photo IMG-20130928-WA0007_zpsf6380894.jpg

 Another Auntie & the Kid.

 photo 20130928_153430_zps062d8f5c.jpg

Beautiful horse that kept trying to shoo the houseflies away with its tail.

 photo 20130928_153504_zps11f9f3a0.jpg

 The horse seemed to be beckoning us to give her (or is it him?) a pat.

 photo 20130928_154230_zps42657804.jpg

Kid feeding a pony.

 photo 20130928_154547_zpsb50e4701.jpg

 Tired Louis. 

 photo NA201309290307130061-02-089000000_mh1380395447010_zpsa7296504.jpg

 Yay got swing! This place is just so pretty for photos!!

 photo NA201309290252120007-03-000000000_zpsf2aa20ef.jpg

Used my mobile app “meitu xiuxiu” to edit this pic of bestie. Nice?

 photo crazy_zpsf49bfac2.jpg

 photo IMG_20130928_183912_zpsc781594f.jpg

 Louis was sent to shave botak! Lololol! He emo super long & was barking non-stop at other dogs… tsskkk

That’s all for this week’s photo sharing! Will update again soonest!

 Bye bye! 


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