Sukhothai Kitchen (Arroythai Kitchen): Authentic Thai Food


Do you go on a vacation and come back missing all the great eats? That’s what often happens to me & my friends, maybe you too! Last year, I went to Phuket for a relaxing holiday, came back to sg & started craving for all the food there for a good one month.

Well… now, how about some authentic & affordable Thai food in Singapore? *nods head!*

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Sukhothai Kitchen (formally known as Arroythai Kitchen) is located at Blk 408 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

Not exactly nearest to me this east-sider, but there is a direct bus from Tampines & a number of buses that can get there too! For the sake of food, how can I not go? You foodies would totally understand me right?


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Anyway, big thank you to Joel & Francis for their patience! This session should happened like 4 months ago, but I was so so so so so busy! Anyway, I finally made time, and I can say there is NO REGRETS!

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Mango Salad, $5

 If you are the appetizer kinda person, you must let this dish stimulate your taste buds! The mango is very sour but extremely addictive with bites of onions in between.

 photo IMG_3860_zps3b7a09c3.jpg

Home Made Thai Prawn Cake, $5

 Do people describe prawn cakes as chewy meaty pieces? Probably not. Dipped in their thai fish & chilli sauces, this goes well ‘naked’ or with rice. It would be even better if the prawn taste can be more distinctive.

 photo IMG_3862_zpsedf65f66.jpg

 photo IMG_3863_zpsb27c3b0b.jpg

Deep Fried Garlic Pork, $6

 Loads of garlic in this non-oily deep fried pork bites! I’m a garlic lover who loves the fragrant but not overwhelming garlic smell in this crispy meat dish. Cinemas should start selling this so I can replace it over popcorn.

 photo IMG_3864_zps1cb7aaac.jpg

 photo IMG_3865_zps55ed3b23.jpg

Tom Yum Seafood (Clear), $5

Thai food is never complete with some kick-ass Tom Yum soup! It’s amazing how a harmless clear soup can be so spicy! While you hiss from the spiciness, the sour aftertaste may just make you go back for more.

 photo IMG_3868_zps92f9140a.jpg

Tom Yum Seafood (Red), $5

 Like to see chilli red? Go for this chilli paste soup version that is spicy (not as spicy as clear one) and mildly sweet. What I like about the Tom Yum soups at Sukhothai Kitchen is that I really get to drink soup. Reason being other places serve soup with lots of the lemongrass and whatsoever together in the bowl & I can’t really eat them (except the meat & mushrooms), do I? I get slightly irritated when I don’t get enough dosage of the soup. ;-p

 photo IMG_3870_zpsdd24b483.jpg

Pineapple Fried Rice, $5

So many people dig pineapple fried rice. I’m not a pineapple nor nut fan and I am glad the things I don’t eat were left out of the rice. Oh, but that rice is not too bad. The grains didn’t stick together and was really flavorful.

 photo IMG_3872_zpsd6851420.jpg

Fried Mince Pork with Basil Leaf, $8

Another must-have dish whenever people eat thai food! I usually avoid basil leaves at all cost but I find this dish palatable even though I ate it without rice. It wasn’t overly salty nor oily.

 photo IMG_3874_zpsf749c0b3.jpg

Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork, $8

 A popular dish with the regulars, this stir-fried kai lan comes with generous, crunchy roast pork that did not feel oily at all. I really like the meat a lot and guess what? There are lots of garlic in there! No wonder so nice!

 photo IMG_3878_zpsa09e0b08.jpg

 photo IMG_3879_zps7529a7ff.jpg

Baked Glass Noodle with Prawn, $16

I don’t know what sauce they put in there but that glass noodles soak it all up. All the flavors in the pot just went right into the noodles that is cooked exactly to my liking. In fact, the noodles might have just stolen the limelight of the prawns. The simmering is definitely worth the effort. Baked? Literally.

(ps: I can’t wait for the Crab glass noodles to be put back into the menu!)

 photo IMG_3884_zps9dc5b960.jpg

 photo IMG_3885_zps5eccd57f.jpg

Steam Fish with Spicy Lemon Sauce,  $22

(Photo for illustration only. We were feeling pretty full already so the chef specially cooked just a small portion of the fish for us to try.)

When the steaming fish in its fish metal plate arrived at my table, I whiffed lime/lemon. That actually whetted up a little more space in my stomach. With minced garlic & chilli in tangy sauce, the sea bass is surely one of my favourite!

Sukhothai Kitchen Rice Noodle Menu

*Prices stated for for regular/small servings, unless otherwise stated.

The rice & noodles are popular with the office crowd! Sukhothai Kitchen has a lunch promotion! Instead of $5, you pay just $3.90 for an awesome Thai meal!


(photo credit: Verlyn)

For more information, check out Sukhothai Kitchen’s Facebook pages:

Sukhothai Kitchen Bugis

Sukhothai Kitchen Ang Mo Kio

They might be opening one more outlet in the east! So do “like” them to be updated! 😉

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