My Kind of Saturdays & Sundays

Heyya! It’s lazy Monday again & as I catch up with some photo editing & drafts, I am reminiscing my lovely weekends after I left my job. And here you see, is my attempt to input more personal posts than just the typical reviews, events & advertorials. 😉


My ideal type of weekends should be spent with my loves ones (family & friends) doing healthy stuff like taking a walk, go for a swim, having meals and chilling together. Nothing beats than waking up early and have more things done in a day rather than clubbing my nights away and waking up in the late afternoons like what I did a decade ago.


 I’m so happy for my sexy babe, W, that she has finally settled into her cozy little place that she can call her own!


A Saturday 2 weeks ago after attending sOmang event in the morning, C & I made our way over to W’s place. The weather was so so warm that W & I decided to go for a dip!


I even managed to swim 8 laps after months of not swimming!


W cooked the nicest Carbonara ever! And do you believe I hated Carbonara of all sorts?

The three of us had a great time over food, wine & music.


A Saturday shouldn’t be finished at 9pm, so we continued the night at Teo Heng KTV with bestie & her hub! After that we even went to Geylang for durian & Dim Sum. Really is fat die us but we sooo enjoyed!

Me & Louis

A short, comical photo story of me & Louis.

Another weekend was spent at Bestie’s. We went for a swim & dinner.

Pool with gym

The pool at The Estuary is so interesting. There was a mini gym in the Jacuzzi pool where the peeps were happily hogging up.

Spent the night at bestie’s house after our super long Mahjong session coz we kept stopping for breaks & Macdonalds!

XL & me

On Sunday, we accompanied the couple to view 2 restaurants’ locations. 4 of us had a huge feasting at Nihon Mura at Kallang Leisure Park. I tell you…. never order all at a shot… coz is full until cannot make it. However, I digested in 2 hours!


Crazy much?

The bill totaled up to $140+ and I really feel Nihon Mura’s standards dropped leh. When I had it at ehub last time, they still have cakes/fruits selection. Now is super limited! Don’t think I’m going back there again. I’m craving for Itacho/Mitsuba sushi & Chawanushi again!

How was your weekend? Do you like to exercise or eat it all out? 😉

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