Vita Hair – Supplement for Your Hair

Vita Hair was launched in Singapore! The first time I tried their product was the Vita Green Lingzhi which I reviewed here.


When we talk about hair loss and white hair strands, we usually link to the older group of people. However, I have so many friends who are graying their heads out at a young age. As for myself, I have super little hair since I was born. That leads people to think that I am balding. ;-(

Hair growth is affected by our hormones, which can be easily upset by factors such as menopause or pregnancy & even stress!

Extracted from their website:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, deficiencies in the blood can also take a heavy toll on hair’s health. Western medicine offers no real answers, but fortunately there is a safe, reliable and effective alternative. Vita Hair helps to halt hair loss and graying of the hair with a blend of potent herbs formulated according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These improve nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulate hormones and strengthen the kidneys. Vita Hair can also restore graying hair to its original color by stimulating the cells that produce pigmentation. Since even healthy hair grows very slowly, it is recommended you take Vita Hair continuously for three to six months in order to see an improvement.


Vita Hair supplement in capsule form.

I have only finished a bottle and starting the 2nd bottle so I can’t really tell if it helps in hair loss because I have recently chopped off my hair and I suppose that also make me not lose so much hair. As for graying hair, since I didn’t have the problem, I can’t tell if this product does work for that or not.


I noticed that my hair has been growing faster, and my roots are getting blacker.

Is my hair slightly stronger too? I only know that it wasn’t as cotton-like as before. But I do play a part in taking care of it as well!

And since this is a Chinese medicine, it doesn’t pose any side effects in consuming it. In fact, all the herbal ingredients have their own benefits!  No harm trying! 😉

*Do note that Chinese medicine is no elixir so it doesn’t promise miracles in a day/week.


Strong hair is beautiful hair & I wanna work towards that!

For more information, check out Vita Green website.


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