Summary of My Month!


As the title of this post suggests, here’s a photo summary of my very-busy-yet-starting-to-resume-its-fun-kind-of-month!


 I am officially a plant owner! Not just a plant but one decorated with cute ornaments like piggy, rabbit, mushroom, ladybird & butterly! I’m watering it every day, sometimes alternate days & I hope my plant won’t die or look sad lah!


 Was persuaded to go to Seletar Reservoir by bestie & her hubby for a very impromptu weekend BBQ – something that we were amazed that we had the energy for at this age. This place holds so much memories!


Received Purer Skin Symphony – Bird’s Nest infused Skincare for review. I haven’t get around to using it but will start from next week! As usual, review will be up after a month! 😉

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 Sis got this furry craftholic-inspired pouch for me when she went to JB!


 Chopped off 4-5 inches of my hair!

Read more here:


 Witnessed a proposal.

Love this photo with Melissa but my thigh & butt flabs too much overflow. ;-(


 Bought a pair of pastel floral jeans online and it’s ripped which is so hard to find anywhere! And best thing, it fits me perfectly!




(photo credit: Rachel)

Met up with MFP ladies for dinner at Clarke Quay!

L to R: Mikko, Rachel, Claire, Joyce, Vivienne & I. (Short of Xinyi!)


We were recommended to Mitsuba by Yurine by Viv!

The sashimi were really fresh! Claire ate until wanna cry like that. The rest of them were also busy popping piece after piece of Tamago sushi!


I ordered a Salmon & Swordfish Sashimi Don set & Chawanmushi for myself.

I tell you… the rice (don) is sooo sticky. I super like! And that Chawanmushi…. got mushroom, prawn & chicken inside! The texture is softer than most places – work of chicken broth I think!


Bought new 28-inch luggages at $75 each because I am going to Bangkok!

I can’t wait! The last time I travel was last year April to Phuket!

(ps: Gonna exercise & train from next week onwards!)

Thanks for reading! Will update again soon!


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