The Secret to Slimming is No Secret


Secret to stay slim


This is my current size despite having a less than healthy & hectic lifestyle. I have very irregular meals when I am busy, and I eat a lot. And of course, this body could have look much much better if I can find the time to train and trim it up!

 Remember my previous posts on how I lost 10kg & 2 sizes?

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slim jaws

 I made a decision and ever since then, my appetite has resumed, doubled & tripled! (Tell you guys when it’s over & done with!)

Being happier & less tired makes such a big difference to the appetite seriously! Not very good for my body & the fats though! I do put on weight if I just go mad on eating for a long period! Can;t wait to go back to the nature & exercising!

Anyway, my PC has died. My netbook went haywire so I have problem blogging or even retrieving & editing photos for pending posts! Gimme some time yeah?

I’ll be back!

With <3,




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