SaSa Colour Me Beautiful

[Important: Read till the end for a contest & find out how to win beauty hampers worth $100 each!]

It’s been so long since I did a post on cosmetics and looks created! Believe me when I say I am not a very camwhore person. I definitely take more self shots as compared to those who has no photos of themselves on their blogs, but way lesser than the true camwhore queens! Okie lah, the fact is, I look sloppy most times that’s why can’t be bothered to take photos! ~lololol~

(oh wait, this fact may change after I enhanced my look semi-permanently. Curious? Click here to read.)

I like to dress like THIS most times.. sometimes worse but of course not wear out! ;-p


Cut the crap! Let me show you a look I created with the makeup products above!

Step 1) After cleansing & applying skincare on my face, I spray Botanical Smoothing Hydro-Base on my whole face & allow it to dry off naturally. The floral & moringa oil scent is invigorating and wakes the senses. It also keeps the skin super hydrated.

Step 2) Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation SPF 20 PA++: I only apply very light layer over the reddish skin on the cheeks, between the brows, sides of nose and tiny bit under the eye as concealing.


Step 3) Gemstone Compact SPF 40 PA+++: Very fine powder with lots of shimmer in it. Can use as a highlight finishing powder. People with oily skin may not want to apply this all over the face unless you are going to a club & require lotsa shine & glow.

denim palette combined

Step 4) Denim all-in-one Makeup Palette (Dark Tone) – Eyeshadows: How cool is this denim casing! It opened up to 4 eyeshadow colors, 2 cream blushers, 1 highlighting cream base, 2 lip tint/color. Applicators included too. Everything in one. Great to bring on trips or staycations! 😉


Step 5) 24hr Flat Liner Pen: This eyeliner is created with 2 “sizes”. It has a side for a thin eye; turned it around, it gives a more dramatic thick line.

Step 6)  Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara: The brush is designed in a way to give definition and volume.

Step 7) Auto Eyebrow Pen (Dark Brown): Using feathery strokes, fill up the empty space in the brows. Create outline for precise definition if desired. (Read my post on how to define brows using an angle brush.)

eyes collage

Eyeballs for you! ;-p

Eye makeup done!

blush combined

Step 8) Cyber Colors Gemstone Blush Wear: This blusher’s packaging got me figuring for 5 minutes before I managed to open it! Once opened, I was thrilled as the mixture of colors and even the brush is something I really would opt for! 


Step 9) Cyber Color Denim Serum Lipstick: Infused with a lip plumping serum, it repairs and moisturizes for fuller looking lips. The combined color also redefines the lips and creates an ultra smooth, rich shine finish. Containing ingredients like Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Passion Fruit Oil, lips become hydrated and voluptuous.

Available in 8 easy to match colors, Cyber Color Denim Serum Lipsticks is exclusively available at all SaSa outlets @ $22. 



 This soft smoky eyes is wearable even for the day too!



Step 10) Cyber Colors Dolly Eyes No.2


Here’s my final look! 😉

Vote for me for Cyber Colors “Denim Glamorous Look” on Sasa Facebook page HERE!

10 Lucky Winners who voted for the Blogger with the highest number of vote will walk away with a SaSa Cyber Colors Hamper worth over $100 each. Terms and conditions apply.

Contest starts 13 Aug 13 and ends on 25 Aug 2013



    1. Hey babe! Yea the packaging is nice. The liner doesn’t smudge for me. However, i still kinda prefer using the soft liner brush kind 😉



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