ONL by Somang: The Cosmetic & Skincare for My Busy Schedule!

My life is facing a very big twist – work schedule has incredibly gotten more than hectic & I found myself neglecting my skin, my overall. I don’t even have time for facials. All I wanna do every day after work is to faster go home to catch up some work/blogging before I can try to sleep.

Of course, even if my body can take it, my skin apparently couldn’t.


Few weeks ago, my face had a bad breakout. Most times, there were red patches all over my face, pimples here & there. Worst? I can see my pores getting more & more choked! Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I thought of orange peel and it made me so frustrated & helpless.

When the skin is less than normal, the easiest & fastest way is to use cosmetics. However, too much cosmetics can cause more breakout too!

Thus, I need makeup that can repair & still conceal my flaws!

CC Cream

ONL by sOmang Oceaniq 3D Anti-Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream SPF 30/PA++ to my rescue! 

(sOmang was previously known as Beauty Credit. )

The thought that popped into my head when I first know about this brand is…. So “Mang”  which means busy in chinese “忙”. Exactly! So busy, of course I need korean skincare & makeup to achieve that flawless, radiant complexion!

Products are made from marine components with regenerative properties such as:

  • Deep sea water—Low temperature water from over 200 m water depth, rich in natural minerals including magnesium, calcium, and sodium as well as nutrients for excellent antioxidation and regeneration of skin in addition to moisturizing. 
  • Four seaweeds complex from Jeju Sea—Staghorn: moisturizes, and is an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory product that protects skin from heat aging. Fusiformis enhances elasticity, whitens, inhibits the oxidation, and brightens skin tone. Sweet laver inhibits oxidation, calms, and whitens. Sea mustard helps to detox, antiwrinkle, rich in chlorophyll and vitamin A, and skin regeneration 
  • Fermented fish collagen—Easily absorbed in the skin for enhanced elasticity – Compared to other animal collagen, it is four times richer in serine for antiwrinkle effect – Rich in proline with excellent moisturizing power 

Oceaniq 3d Anti-Wrinkle Total solution CC cream does not contain harmful additives that are damaging to our skin—No mineral oil, no benzophenone, no animal ingredients, no BHT and no Talc.


 Its hygienic dispenser ensures product is not contaminated when unused! No wastage, I only dispense how much I require!

CC cream, though not exactly new has been a craze!

An upgrade of BB cream, CC cream aims to provide natural-looking skin coverage. It retains all the skincare benefits of BB cream like cover and treats acne spots, sunblock and etc. Additionally, CC cream has better coverage, blending, and treatment of uneven skin tones.

Application of CC cream

ONL by sOmang’s Oceaniq is a highly functional marine vital skin care using Sticky Liposome Technology. This technology enables the product components to reach the damaged parts of all skin layers, such as the dry, dark, and wrinkled parts and supply the components into our skin. It effectively revitalizes aging skin, helps face lifting and creates a long-lasting effect up to 12 hours with only one use.

It is a 5-in-1 skin care solution where it acts as a primer and foundation, provides UV protection with SPF 30/PA++, wrinkles repair and whitening.

The white cream blends and matches my skin tone perfectly! It was kinda fun to see the cream changes from white to beige! *teehee*


I really love this multi-functional CC cream! It goes on really light and yet has a decent coverage power that stays on for hours even though I have oily skin! 😉

Most importantly, skin doesn’t look dull & tired anymore!

Wanna give it a try too?

Click HERE to get your 5-Day supply of CC Cream! 

ONL by sOmang
Oceaniq 3D Anti-Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream SPF 30/PA++ (35ml)

Price: $69.90


Of course, other than owning a good CC cream, caring for the skin from the scratch is essential!!

ONL Off the Face range aims to help those with skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged and clogged pores. It effectively clears the skin and visibly reduces the appearance of pores.

• Amazon white clay to purify skin, control excessive sebum and tightens pores.
•Antiroba seeds that enhances elasticity of enlarged pores and at the same time sterilizes
• Babassu oil to control oil and water balance for a moist skin without feeling greasy

Off The Face Pore Tightening White Clay Foam

Off The Face Pore Tightening White Clay Foam $39.90

I love playing with clay when I was young. As an adult, I still love clay now coz they can “suck” off all silly, uncontrollable sebum! Although this cleansing foam effectively remove the impurities and sebum, it is not drying at all!

I have no idea which ingredient gives off that super calming, pleasant scent, I really like it! 


Off The Face Pore Tightening Oil Heating Gel

Off The Face Pore Tightening Oil Heating Gel

This particular product intrigued me. Because all the instructions are in Korean, I gotta ask for help to understand how to use this! I was thinking is this meant to be a special treatment for the clay mask… but I was wrong! #failedbeautician

Off The Face Pore Tightening Oil Heating Gel is a product that exfoliates gently with heat! Yes, heat! It’s meant to be used on dry skin with dry fingers. During the mornings when I was shivering in the shower, this product gave me warmth. (okie, I know it’s the face only, but better than my whole body cold right?) ;-p


Off The Face Pore Tightening Toner

Off The Face Pore Tightening Toner $39.90

This toner is watery & milky. Maybe because it’s milky, that’s why my skin seems to be fairer & brighter?

Yay! On my way to having korean-ish skin? 😉


Off The Face Pore Tightening Serum

Off The Face Pore Tightening Serum

Recommended to target on the T-zone and oily area, delivering a soft, smooth finish that radiates. 

Unlike some serums that make my skin felt overly-hydrated, this tightening serum gives a very matte feel which is great for my oily skin! 


Off The Face Pore Tightening White Clay Mask

White Clay Mask PIC

A clay mask purifies by absorbing all the dirt in the pores. When our pores are not clogged by all the dirt and oil (sebum), the appearance of enlarged pores naturally will be minimized.

I use this clay mask 1-2 times a week, rinse off and then use a hydrating sheet mask to give my skin a proper facial spa!

Seriously, my orange-peel-face got much better. A pore-ful skin can NEVER fake off as a korean-ish skin. A pore-ful skin also makes one looks much much older! (I don’t want!!)

Now, no matter how “mang”(busy) we all can be, we really shouldn’t skive on skincare!  

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