Jill Stuart’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

When I posted a photo on Instagram some time back, a number of people asked me since when there is Jill Stuart in Singapore?? Well, for now, no cosmetics, though I would love to lay my hands on it. What’s here in SG is Jill Stuart’s fashion store!


“I make clothes I want to wear. It’s trendy, but not crazy. It’s feminine and sexy for women to be lady like, and it’s pretty, easy to wear, reasonable in price. This is the main concept for my clothes.” – Jill Stuart

From flirty romantic pieces with detailed intricate appliqued lace, sheer chiffon and silk jacquard, to simple chic wear for the casual weekend brunch date look, Jill Stuart label focuses on real-world wear-ability.

black & white


frills and pink

Jill Stuart 2013 Spring/Summer collection is full of romantic textures such as lace, chiffon pleats, floral prints & brocade finishes.

leopard sporty

Cute leopard (looks a lil like giraffe prints to me) romper & sporty attire are my favourites!


 With the lovelies: Maybeline, Yina, Jessica, Fidelis, Jacelyn, Verlyn, Hayley, Irene, Kelly & Wendy!

The Jill Stuart 2013 Spring/Summer Collection is exclusively available at Iseten Scotts (350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Singapore 238868)



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