Cannes L’Or Sunset collection

This limited edition of Cannes L’Or Sunset collection consist of 4 lipsticks, that plays up the gold vertigo effect on your lips with swirls of golden sparkles embedded in the lipstick that is inspired by the celebrities, red carpet, fashion, make-up and an international film festival set against the background of a French Rivera summer sunset.


International L’Oréal Paris makeup maestro, Karim Rahman, created this 4 gorgeous lipsticks shades. Each look is inspired by beautiful iconic actresses: Bollywood sunset by Aishwayra Rai , Cleopatra sunset by Elizabeth Taylor, Gambling sunset by Sharon Stone and Savage sunset by Bridgette Bardot.

Savage Sunset - Blackened Pearl

Savage sunset by Bridgette Bardot.




Blackened Pearl is a very luscious nude color that so far, surpasses all other lipsticks brands’ moisturizing power! The moment I apply it, I fall in love with it! It hydrates intensively and I find no need to even prep my lip with lip balm prior to the lipstick application!! 

Cleopatra Sunset - Flaming Sunset

Cleopatra sunset by Elizabeth Taylor


Flaming Sunset is a very bronzy-brown color, which at first look, I thought it might not suit me. However, the shimmer in it glams up my puckers instantly! My youngest sis snatched it after my first try!

(Sorry, didn’t get photos for the rest of colors!!)

Bollywood Sunset - Crimson Carpet

Bollywood sunset by Aishwayra Rai


Red + shimmer + Easy to apply = Sister’s property.

Crimson Carpet is such a bright, awesome color but because of it’s extremely moisture-rich content, it doesn’t go up scarily opaque like others. More coats are needed for a heavier look.

Gambling sunset - Smokey Rouge

Gambling sunset by Sharon Stone


Smokey Rouge is a darker red that goes up just nice on my skin! Similarly, my Mom owns it now. 


 Here’s a quick swatch before 3 lipsticks were given away to the Mom & sisters.

I really really love this range of lipsticks! I hardly adore putting lipsticks but this is just so different! It can replace my lip balm & I simply dig shimmery stuff!

Cannes Sunset Lipsticks are available only in JUNE 2013 (limited edition), at $16.90 each at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected departmental stores and super/hypermarkets.

Quick go get yours!



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