Scalp Treatment & Shadow Ombre Hair Color

What have I been doing with my time?! 2 months flew past & I realized I missed my monthly hair fixture at Salon De Choix!

After a good whole year of freelancing & blogging, I am finally back to working a full-time job, on top of my dedication to this humble little blog I have. 😉 Well, since I am holding a job that requires me to meet people, I couldn’t possibly ignore my hair any longer so I squeezed in an appointment just a day before my new job.

B4 After

 Overview: I did rebonding touchup, hair dye, scalp & hair treatment and also had my mane snipped off by a good 2-3 inches.

Read on please! ❤


First, my new hairstylist, Chester, did a rebonding touchup on my new curly roots!


He also picked this 2 colors for me.


The lighter color will be on the top and the darker color will be at the bottom to create a reverse ombre color which they referred to as Shadow Ombre.


I finally tried the scalp treatment!!


It’s a very minty herbal essence that is applied to the scalp & massaged in.

For customers who patron Salon De Choix for a wash & blow service, this scalp treatment is available just by topping up $10!

For days after this treatment, my scalp feels so clean and free of oil! This is like a purifying mask for the face, where it takes out all the impurities in the clogged pores. I highly recommend this treatment because having a clean, healthy scalp is the essential factor to helping your hair grow healthily. A normal shampoo does not cleanse the scalp as well!


Mythic hair treatment for my colored hair.

The canister in the back of the photo is a spray that jets cool air (hair supplement) onto the hair.


With my hairstylist, Chester Soh. 😉

My shadow ombre is looking very natural! Nothing too overwhelming yet interesting enough for my job! 😉 Although sometimes I do miss my turquoise blue-green inner ombre hair, but for a lazy person like me, this color is easier to maintain.

Quote “Herine” for 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!

Call Salon De Choix at 6836 2959 for any inquiries or to make your booking.

Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore s239519

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    1. Hahaha I also want! But every day go work in industrial area I sweat like a pig. The obasan tie-up hair is more practical LOLOLOL!



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