Grandstand Food Tasting with OpenRice: VeganBurg

I got confused with the vegans & vegetarians! Found this article on the comparisons and differences & this on the benefits of the diets.


This fast food is NO junk food!

You may think vegan food is boring with no meat, no dairy products & not even eggs (which I love X_X) but organic vegan fast food at VeganBurg threw that thought away! I used to eat vegetarian mixed rice (Chap Cai Bng) with no “meat” coz I find vegetarian meat flour-y & articial so I rather skip them altogether.


 Eat, enjoy & burp. What? Isn’t that me? lol.


I was there together with OpenRice team at VeganBurg outlet at The Grandstand.

200 Turf Club Road #01-32
Singapore 287994
Phone: 6462 1281


Estelle, Eileen & Melissa .


A corner for the children.



Burgers & side.

I like that the burgers are served in tins like this. Reminds me of the NS men with their packed food & cooking it over the fire in similar tins like this. 😉


Smoky BBQ Burger ($7.90)


Char-grilled Satay Burger ($6.90)


The burgers were the best I’ve ever tasted, Er, well… not that I have tried any other vegan burgers before, but the fake meat is tasty! And for the health-conscious people (like me, ahem), you can now eat like you don’t care but actual fact is that you are really caring for your body! ;-p


Vegan Franks ($3.90) & Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops ($3.90)

1 bite into the Vegan Franks… hey are they really not real meat??? I heard it’s made of tofu and something else (sorry I can’t remember). Yummy!

I love the Crispy Potato & Spinach Pops! How can my favorite potatoes go wrong right? 😉 It’s like mashed potato inside & super crispy outside. No wonder people keep popping them!


So shy… but I lost my vegan virginity.

For more information, visit or their Facebook page here.


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