My Fillers & Botox at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

I have friends who are still confused & have the perception that aesthetics enhancements are equivalent to plastic surgeries. Although I am very open-minded, plastic surgery is definitely not in my priority list, yet. However, looking good & better is what I try to go for.


The best thing about aesthetics treatments & facial enhancements are that they are non-invasive; doesn’t require me to go under the knife & of course, minimum to no downtime. Results usually last from 6 months to 1.5 years.


A couple of weeks ago I headed down to Cutis Medical Laser Clinics for my little but fabulous prettifying session with Dr Sylvia Ramirez.


I was absolutely buzzing with excitement! And… the doctor is so gorgeous!

Click here to see more of my procedure.

Watch the VIDEO of the the procedures & trust me, it’s as un-painful as it looks!



  1. hello Herine,
    good afternoon to you!
    since it has been a few weeks back, i think the difference is much noticeable now? really interested to go to Cutis for the same procedure u have done, can you please share how much it is to do the same filler u have done?

    Thanks Herine! 🙂




    1. Hi SweetJan!

      Yes, the look has settled, no more swell & jaws definitely slimmer. I will be posting the photo maybe next week. Meanwhile, you can call Cutis Clinic & check out the pricing with the lovely people there!



  2. Hello Herine,

    can you please post before and after photos of this treatment, really keen lei! i believe you look sharper 🙂




    1. Hi Jenny, if you got read my older posts, you might see a difference 😉
      I will try to go dig out my old photos for comparison soon! Thanks for reading! 😉



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