Grandstand Food Tasting with OpenRice: Hansang Korean Restaurant & Market

Hansang Korean Restaurant & Market is Singapore’s largest Korean restaurant.

It has a supermarket and even a kimchi factory with extra empty space probably big enough for a bumper car field (imagine how big it is)!


Han Sang Korean Restaurant & Market specializes in authentic Charcoal BBQ with an all-day Àla-carte menu, featuring 100+ dishes.

Together with Openrice, we occupied one of the 10 VIP rooms in the restaurant and began our feast!


Yummy appetizers 😉


Assorted Pancakes (Modum Jon), $18

Jab Cha, $9


Hasang lovely staff grilling our food for us.


Prime Ribeye (Saeng Dungsim), $38

Cut up into slices, this heavenly meat chunk goes very well with the onion with or without sauce dip.


Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgye Tang), $15 – half chicken

After all the grill, I love a rich, tonic soup! Milky base, the ginseng taste is just right for me. 😉 *Slurps*


Pancake with Ice Cream (Hodduk), $5.50

Seems like a very normal pancake that is slightly thicker. But weirdly, I finished it up despite being very full. The cold ice cream’s light sweetness (yuzu jam) paired well with the warm & slightly savory pancake.

*This Ice Cream pancake is only available for patrons of the VIP rooms.

HanSang Korean Restaurant & Market
Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road #02-14
Tel. No.: 6463 6508

Click here for directions.

Visit The Grandstand website & Facebook page for more information.

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