Crocs unveils a new look!

Crocs reopened its Vivo City Store in Singapore to re-position itself as a global lifestyle footwear brand.

No longer just selling its signature clogs, Crocs now offers more than 300 footwear styles that cater to every individual. 


Jamie Teo as event emcee.


The new Crocs concept store in Singapore adapts a more down-to-earth look and feel with wooden interiors and design. This makes it easier for customers to navigate the shop and browse the new range of styles. This is a bold retail approach undertaken by the brand to veer away from the colorful, green Crocs shops where the products line the walls.




All Crocs™ branded shoes feature Croslite™ material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that produces soft, non-marking, and odor-resistant shoes that conform to your feet.

Yay! This is ideal for me since I have sweaty feet & palms!


I am a sucker for quality, high-friction soles because I tend to slip a lot.


Huarache flip flops & flats.


Creative Crocs™ Winnie the Pooh™ Jumps Clog (kids)


Couldn’t resist fitting my tiny feet into kids crocs!



 How cute is the backpack for kids?!


Shanice had a go at it!


Here’s what I brought home! (Beach towel, Women’s Cap Toe Flat, Crocs thumbdrive, dust caps & $50 vouchers x 2)

I’ve also ordered a pair of Leigh Wedges on their website & can’t wait for them to arrive!!


Women’s Cap Toe Flat, S$64.90

To be frank, I didn’t like Crocs when I first saw my friends wearing them but this revamped Crocs sure has gotten my attention!

It is really super comfy! (I think I may have bunion and wearing most shoes cause pain) I also love it that I don’t need to walk as slow as a tortise when it’s raining. Neither do I need to worry about my shoes getting stinky when I walk in the rain!


 I wear my Crocs flat to work too!

Best of all, because of the rubbery material  I can fit into a US size 5!! I tell you, I really have tough problem finding shoes! 20 times I go shopping, only 1 time I can find a pair of shoes small enough for my feet & that I am happy with its soles & design!

I gave the vouchers to Mom & C and I bet I am gonna get them hooked on Crocs hehehe.

Visit & check out their designs now! I really like their boat shoes, loafers & sneakers too. 😉

Click here for Crocs Singapore Facebook page.



  1. Hi Herine,

    I love the shoes on you and considering buying my own pair. Do you recall the name of the colour of the crocs that you bought? thanks!!!



    1. Hi Jennifer, I don’t remeber the color code but for the whitish-beige with black strips pumps, there’s no similar color. So I guess it should be easy to find if you visit the store or their online shop. 😉



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