Facial at Spa Symphony

Tucked away at a corner of the basement of 313@Somerset is a Spa that walked me into a jungle. Lots of woods & leaves. Dim lights – enough to put me to sleep already.


Spa Symphony



Reception/Waiting area.


The Classic Facial ($130, 60mins) is a basic European facial that consists of cleanse, extract, massage & mask.

The products that Spa Symphony uses are all organic. I like the fruity scent of the cleanser.

My makeup was removed with a gentle milk cleanser, followed by a double cleansing, then scrub. When the skin is thoroughly cleansed, the old school steamer was put up to use. They added some lavender leaves or oil in the water so that the steam emits light, calming lavender smell.

After the facial, I realized that my extraction was only 70% done. Perhaps I ticked “more facial massage” instead of “extraction in the consultation form.

I like the long facial massage that put me to sleep, almost. The only tiny little glitch is that my beautician had a piece of coarse skin in her palm that unintentionally scratched me a bit.


I managed to take a photo of myself after the cream mask was applied, with my eyes covered okie! hahaha how clever. ;-p

But thanks to the photo, I noticed that the mask wasn’t applied properly. The forehead area had so little of mask brushed on.


But because of my beautician’s big, fleshy & strong palms, I enjoyed the shoulder massage she gave. At the end of the massage, she “clinked” a bell thrice. An unusual serenity descended on me. Ah… now, Spa Symphony makes sense to me.

I rate this experience 7.5/10.

Click here for Spa Symphony’s website.


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