Grandstand Food Tasting with OpenRice: MAD

MAD Modern Asian Diner is a quirky, multi-faceted and wickedly fresh and fun dining concept results from a diverse collaboration between TungLok Group, Dick Lee, Bar Stories and Top wines.


Located at 200 Turf Club Road (Old Turf Club in Bt.Timah)

#01-20/21 Singapore 287994. Click here for directions.



Artisan Bakery




I got to try out this customized cocktail that is a blend of Passionfruit, Elderflower, light rum & dark rum. I’ve got a thing for bitter sour drinks. 😉



Crispy Skin Roasted Pork Belly ($14)

A huge, generous piece of pork belly that I couldn’t even finish when I shared. It was deep fried on the outside, yet very tender inside. A little too fatty for my preference. I am not really a pork nor pork lard person, but I think pork lovers will like this.


Josper-baked Foccacia Flatbread with Scallops, Prawns and Bacon ($16)

When I bite into this, I thought of Takopachi. Bread with sinfully yummy sauce and meaty bits, this is a fulfilling dish.



Josper-grilled Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice ($26)

Tender Wagyu beef, mushrooms, hot spring egg and truffle dressing on japanese pearl rice…. what an indulgence! Break the egg yolk and stir it with the beef & rice, the texture is extremely smooth & warming. I told Melissa I was already feeling full, but I still scoop more into my bowl. If I return to MAD, I must definitely order this again & gobble it all my myself.

If you like fanciful interior and ambience, you should visit MAD!

MAD website:

Facebook Page:

Click HERE for Grandstand Food Hunt with OpenRice Part 1.



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