Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Light Essence & Anti-Ageing range

I am back with the review for Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing range!


The first skincare line that transforms light energy into cellular energy, these products feels so soft & feathery on the skin!

Read more about the product & the media launch here.

The Light Essence, $149 (140ml)

This acts as an equalizer to “reset” cells to its original potential & boosts the youthfulness process; receives & transmits benefits of daily skincare.

I use it in place of my usual toner. This light essence not only prep the skin, it also hydrates the skin by reducing all the tightness that may be caused by any cleanser. Absorption is great.

Anti-Ageing Serum, $99 (30ml)

Contains active ingredients to treat all signs of ageing.

The serum has a slightly thicker consistency than most serums out there. However, it didn’t affect the absorption efficiency. I use 2 pumps for the face & neck. I like the smell of the product and how un-greasy it is!

Anti-Ageing Cream, $129 (50ml)

This unique cream repairs skin cells effectively and promotes skin youthfulness.

First scoop & impression of this cream – it is VERY creamy. Spread it out & apply over the whole face & it was absorbed in seconds! I tried applying more & it still absorbs! The cream does not leave any “protective film” on the skin’s surface and it is really extremely powdery smooth to touch. I swear I couldn’t stop touching my skin!

This Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy range manages to control my oily skin longer than other products. Even though my skin still oils up after 3-4 hours, I am still amazed at the baby soft feel it leaves on my skin after each application. Having a fresh & matte skin is just so essential!! Although I am not 100% sure if it makes me more youthful nor take off some age off my face, I feel really good when I do pile on a little more makeup on some days since the skincare feels so light.

For more information, visit http://www.talika.com/


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