Grandstand Food Tasting with OpenRice: Casallena Tapas Wine Bar Bistro

The Grandstand – the former Turf Club is the largest family lifestyle destination in Bukit Timah.

Completely surrounded by nature, this 1 million square feet property is home to an eclectic mix of retailers, dining and services outlets, kids’ activities clusters, and one of the biggest pre-owned car mall. (Parking is free!)

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The North Grandstand comprises 7 levels while the South Grandstand comprises 6 levels.

Thanks to OpenRice & sweetest Estelle, I got to visit The Grandstand & 6 restaurants for food tasting with 4 other lovely bloggers. (In this post, I’ll be sharing with you one makan place first.) 😉

IMG_2937 is an online dining guide written by local people, with a comprehensive restaurant search engine and a platform for users to write reviews on restaurants they have visited.

When you join OpenRice as a member (openricer) and submit food reviews, you stand a chance to be invited for food tasting sessions!

They are running a Gourmet Challenge now with great prizes! Find out more here.



Casallena Tapas Wine Bar Bistro (#01-14)



 Display of over 70 labels of wine selections from region of old and new world wine.


 Outdoor seating. 


Tataki of Tuna with Peppercorn Salad, $11.90

This is so good! The outer part of the tuna is cooked, with a layer of pepper & herbs and leaving the insides raw like Sashimi. Extremely fresh & salivating.


Exotic Mushroom Infused with Truffle, $7.50

Mushrooms grinded, simmered & drizzled generously with truffle oil. I love this mushroom soup & wouldn’t stop feeding myself spoon after spoon!



Seafood Lasagna Maki, $14.80

Lasagna Maki? This is something new! I am not someone who will order lasagna usually but this? Quite different. The seafood is very fresh & juicy. I will definitely try it again!


Curry Seafood Pizza, $11.80

This curry pizza is so spicy but I worshipped it! It’s like a fusion of western pizza & Indian prata with Malay Nasi Briyani. Oh my… what has my description turned into?

It’s a must try!

By this dish, I started to wonder if all the food here is gonna be this good? ;-D


Pork Sausage Pizza, $11.80

Also spicy, this is as good as the curry pizza! Since when a non-pizza lover like me started praising pizzas like this?



Wagyu Tomahawk, $198

A feast for 3-4 person.

When this was served, I was thinking: “Wow, this is huge. Probably the meat will be tough.”…. But no! It was simply marvelous! Even the fats tasted good. So tender & so well marinated, I can imagine why many people love to have this with some nice alcohol.


Chempedak Cake, $6.50

This has got a nonya feel to it. The sweet tooths will like this.


Green Tea Tiramisu, $6.50

I muttered “oh no…” when they bought this out from the kitchen. I hate any thing that is flavored with green tea/matcha whatsoever. I love drinking pure green tea but no no, nothing flavored. I was prepared to struggle to swallow that tiny bite so that I can do this review, however, I find this Green Tea Tiramisu really pleasant! I was surprised that the green tea powder taste wasn’t overwhelming. It was fragrant. Made into tiramisu?

One word – Like!


Baked Apple Crumble, $9.80

With a single scoop of Haagen-Daz Macadamia Nut Ice Cream and hot apple in the crumble, this is a delight to the tongue! Estelle, Verlyn & I “attacked” this till nothing is left. Yes, you heard me enough.

I highly recommend my friends & readers to visit Casallena for their great ambience, service, food & affordable prices!

Click HERE for Casallena Tapas Wine Bar Bistro Facebook Page.

Tel. No.: 6465 4353


Finding a place to bring your family? The Grandstand is the place! Free parking any day any time for those who drives!

Don’t drive? Don’t fret. There is free shuttle services daily at designated bus stops from Newton MRT (B40181), Botanic Gardens MRT (B41021) and Toa Payoh MRT (B52189).

Visit The Grandstand website & Facebook page for more information.



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