L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil

What greeted us when we entered a room at Fullerton Hotel was this… 


A stairs leading up to a room filled with gold balloons. Most girls would lost all rationale & go gaga over camwhoring. We can be goddesses for a day!


Any way, our purpose for being here ain’t just about going crazy over the nice room & potential selca spots, but to find out more about L’oreal Paris new Extraordinary Hair Oil that promised wondrous results for the tresses!


A big thanks to L’oreal & the PRs for always making us bloggers feel so special & exclusive. 😉

Before some serious hair repairing, we couldn’t control ourselves with all the giggles & excitement, dashing about trying to absorb in the scenery. We sure were noisy & active! (But what to do, we are young & vibrant!) 😉 Hope no one finds us too noisy though. ;-p


There was this big, sunny outdoor balcony that got us scrambling out for some photos before the presentation started!


Give us beautiful things to see/shoot and we will be happy girls & women.



With the loveliest girls!


Verlyn, Elaine, I & Kristen.



I love the bath room at Fullerton Hotel Suite. Dear Elaine was forced to let me stay inside when she wanted to use the bathroom. No worries! There’s another door for privacy!


What made me hyped up is this little exercise equipment! I bet I will be using that an hour a day if I am staying in the room! 



The devil & the angel.


The latest in hair treatment innovation: The Extraordinary Oil is the ultimate solution to perfect hair by nourishing and intensely protecting from damage; at the same time provides brilliant shine, smoothness, and an ultra-lightweight, non-greasy finish.


Made up of the most lavish oils of six flower extracts – Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Marticaria.

If you are thinking, “Wow so many oils, sure very oily….” Then, you gotta check out the video below!


Tried & tested!

What I think of L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil:

I personally prefer hair oils over other treatment leave-on products as I find oils nourish my mane the best. Even though I have oily scalp, L’oreal Extraordinary hair oil doesn’t affect me. Since I also wash my hair every day, I love spamming my hair with the oil for pre & post wash to protect my hair cuticles.

The result: Smooth hair that lasted 4 hours indoors & 2 hours outdoors.

I like how intense the nourishing is & have been using this product every day. A small little pity is that since it is in a glass bottle which is really heavy, I can’t bring it out in my bag for hair quick fix!

I will definitely re-purchase this! The price for this quality is really worth it!


The Extraordinary Oil can be applied at multiple steps of the hair care process:
– Before shampoo and conditioning: Apply 10 minutes before washing to restore, richly nourish and prep hair for shampooing and conditioning
– Before blow drying on towel-dried hair: To intensely protect hair from damage before styling
– Throughout the day: As a finishing touch that leaves hair with a glowing shine and sumptuous smoothness without weighing it down

oreal Elseve Hair (+ Pics on Asience) 119

(photo credit: Elaine)

L-R: Elaine, Verlyn, Maybeline, I & Jamie.

Smooth, shiny hair is sexy! Wanna embrace healthy-looking hair too? 😉

The Extraordinary Oil retails at $23.90 (100ml) and is available in supermarkets, pharmacies, and departmental stores island-wide starting April 2013.


 What’s in the press gift: L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, Philips Hairdryer & 2 Total Repair Conditioner.

I am aware of the viral images of L’oreal using animals to carry out testing for their products and I sent in an email to L’oreal to verify and I am glad to share with you that it is not true!

Animal testings were stopped as early as 1989. 

For more info, visit: www.answers.loreal.com/animaltesting


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