Life Made Easier with LG Home Appliances

I think I am becoming more & more of wife quality! I have been staying at home & cooking & baking quite a bit! LOL!


I had the chance to visit AFC to pick up some cooking tips as while as check out LG new home appliances!


Maybeline & I.


We transformed into homemakers! ;-p


We are gonna make dessert! Everyone is paying the most attention!


Thank goodness the people at AFC prepared the ingredients for us. All we had to do is mix, microwave, mix some more & decorate!


Here’s our Mango Mousse Parfait, initialed & sent for chilling in LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator!


The LG GR-J237AGXV is a Side by Side refrigerator with practical and handy features such as the Door-in-Door. Door-in-Door provides convenient access to the home bar within the refrigerator. Maximizing usage of the home bar reduces up to 50% cold air as compared to when opening the main refrigerator door thus reducing energy consumption.


Other than conserving energy, LG GR-J237AGXV Door-in-Door comes with other benefits such as bigger space as it is twice the height of a conventional home bar. Furthermore, the storage shelving allows users to reconfigure the shelves to easily fit their large sized pots and birthday cakes when needed. 

This door-in-door space is also great for our facial products, especially masks! ;-D

The LG GR-J237AGXV Side By Side Fridge retails for S$ 4,999.00 at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store and other LG authorised resellers.


Then, we were told that we were gonna make some yummy Korean cold noodles!


There, I re-unite with my affinity – knife.

Well, I said that because recently I also attended an event which required me to do some form of cooking…



(photo source: Smith)

Somehow, I was being labelled as the O$P$ (owe $ pay $) woman. Nevertheless, I am still a good cook okie! ;-p

(ps: Chop things until I very tired)


I was mixing the sauces in my own proportion like some genius chef. Thick skin I know… but to believe in ownself is already one step to success!

We even added an egg to the cold noodles and no stove were needed! A small cup-bow is lined with cling wrap, sprayed with cooking oil, and sent to the microwave! I was never good with electronic appliances like this. I don’t even know/or wanna try using my microwave at home! But LG one seems so easy!


After putting the noodles & ingredients together, cling wrapped it & off to the fridge!

LG Microwave oven (Model Number MJ3281BC) retails for S$599.00 at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store and other LG authorized resellers.


Tse Lyn & I.


Retrieved Spicy Cold Noodles from the fridge & placed some ice cubes in it.


Toss the noodles well with the sauces &vegetables. I like it!!



 I almost teared while eating my very own super duper yummy Mango Mousse Parfait. ;-p


We were introduced to a few other LG appliances too.

LG Washing Machines with LG 6 Motion Wash

The six motions used in front load washing machines are Scrubbing, Filtration, Rolling, Tumbling, Swing and Stepping, designed for faster detergent dissolving, minimizing wrinkles and tangles while ensuring an even wash. It translates to an estimated of 45% in electricity saving and 18% of water saving for front load washing machine per cycle.

Its Allergy Care Cycle kills residing allergens and mites in the laundry with 100 Degrees Celcius steam. Steam washing not only eliminates allergens but also provides better penetration into the fabrics for thorough removal of dirt and stubborn stains.

The LG Top Load Washing Machine (WFT1261DD) retails for S$ 1,199.00.

The LG Front Load Washing Machine (WD-1279RDS7) retails for S$ 3,199.00.

Both washing machines are available at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store and other LG authorised resellers.


LG Dishwasher: With a water rating of 9 litres, LG Clarus 1 is one of the lowest water rating dishwashers in the market.

LG Smart Rack with two levels of adjustable tines and racks is the much needed solution for larger capacity, flexibility and functionality when loading.

For more information, visit:


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