ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment

I remember when I was much younger, there was this short period of time I don’t like smooth hair.

I must be outta my mind then!! x_X

I colored my hair once a month, and my hairstylist never failed to look at my hair & shake her head like it’s dead & beyond cure. It was really that bad! As for the reason why I like dry, crispy hair then is because, I have natural curly hair which I hated & if my hair was smooth, it curled like some ugly pile of shit unevenly. And if i don’t dyed my hair, people said my hair looked like pubic hair. No kidding.

I swear I have been taking good care with regular visits to my hair sponsor & trying not to rebond as much as I can – Au Natural! (like real) Daily maintenance is still very important!


Look at what I received!

New Asience Leave-on Treatment that contains new moisture-lock ingredient to provide moisture and smooth hair all day!


Pardon the bare face look.

My hair after shower with no blow-dry by the hair dryer. My usual bath routine for hair is shampoo, followed by a conditioer/hair treatment mask. Can you imagine if i skipped the wash-off treatment?


Before photo.

My hair has layers in it and tend to frizz & flyaway a lot.

The new Asience Leave-On Hair Treatment range contains Asience’s exclusive Beauty Essences (Lotus Flower, Camellia Oil, Pearl and Shell Ginger Leaf) to provide intensive repair and moisturises hair from within.

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ASIENCE Leave-On Hydrating Treatment Water (200ml) – Light as water, it instantly repairs and retains moisture without weighing your hair down. (For Tangled and Untamed Hair)

Water closeup

I would say that the leave-on treatment water is more of a daily protection product for even normal, healthy hair. It does tame my hair mildly, but for dry, damaged hair, I wouldn’t stop at just this step.


ASIENCE Leave-On Nourishing Treatment Milk (100ml) – Nourishing yet non-greasy, it instantly repairs and retains moisture to keep hair beautifully soft and healthy. (For dry and frizzy hair)

milk closeup

My tresses look much better after caring for it with the leave-on milk lotion! Hair feels smoother immediately.

I apply only when hair is 3/4 dry or fully dry so that the product can work better.


ASIENCE Leave-On Intensive Treatment Oil (28ml) – Concentrated yet non-oily, it intensively repairs and retains moisture to keep hair glossy and healthy. (For Severely Dry and Damaged Hair)

oil closeup

The treatment oil isn’t too oily after applying into the ends of the hair. Hair is also much more manageable & easy to comb through! I can head out with nicer looking mane! However, the tamed look only last me 4 hours. 


 A collage for easier comparison.

Hair treatment products close the opened cuticles of the hair & make hair surface smoother & shinier. Some days, I use all 3 of the products to give my hair a nicer shine. Even when I have all 3 products in my hair, I don’t feel that they weighs my hair down nor make it greasy.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment range retails at $14.90 each and is available from April’2013 at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies. 

For more info refer to:


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