Let's Rock The Town & Paint It Black!

Heyya! I’ve been caught up with events & reviews so I thought I can make this post more casual by posting (ahem) my photos with my favorite-est girls! 


Don’t worry, I have got quite some makeup on! I edited the photos a bit! Go on, scroll down, I won’t be scaring you guys with my pranky-horrifying photos. ;-p


Elaine, I & Verlyn.

I really love talking to this 2 girls! They are the few blogger-friends that I am really close to! ❤

We really can talk about anything & everything & we have been hanging out (or rather, attending events together) a lot. Show them some love by visiting their blogs! (click on their names in peach-pink fonts to link to their blogs)

So, one fine day, Elaine was driving Verlyn & I to town for an event. The weather was scorching hot. Before my makeup melted, I whipped out my camera & got Ver to take some photos.

Shiseido Hair Event 013

(photo credit: Elaine)

Shiseido Hair Event 014

(photo credit: Elaine)

 I tell you all arh… this Elaine is a good example of a real woman.. Why I say that? Coz she can multi-task well! Driving also can take photos & talk very fast! But don’t worry, the car is at a stationary state for this photo that has her looking straight at the camera!


Outfit: Denim Studded Cap, White Tee, Denim shorts, Snowflakes stockings, Black boots & Beatles necklace.


Kiyora, Xinyi & I.

We were at Shiseido Spring Summer Collection Hair event. Thanks to Verlyn for bringing me as a guest, but weirdly, her name wasn’t in the name list but mine was! o_O

So they made my poor girl looked like machiam she crashed the event…..  ;-(

Main_Air Feel_Jelly

We were introduced to 3 of Shiseido’s styling products.


Mr Yoshiyuki Takahashi, I & Mr Kenji Toyota.


I saw this mousse “toink-toink” I got so excited & was thinking great I can try it out!

But… but…but!!



What’s in the press gift: Damp Jelly.

I don’t think girls like the wet look. I shall try if I ever have the chance. But for now, I should give it to Dad or my friend to use. 😉



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