Media Launch: Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy

Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy is the first skincare line that transforms light energy into cellular energy.


The photo-beauty enzyme (PBE) was discovered & isolated. It has incredible ability to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy that repairs damaged DNA.


At Swissotel Hotel for the media launch.

I am slowly going back to my rock-outfit. LOL! I really tried dressing more feminine and cutsy but my friend indirectly told me that she wanna puke but don’t dare say. Fine! I shall return to my old dressing! (But that means I gotta keep looking young! Auntie wears punk/rocker style is weird right!)

Outfit: Skull top from Far East Plaza (sis’), Black pants from Nichii, black boots from some blogshop, French Connection watch & studded wristband.


Our DNA alters with time & daily exposure to UV light.

Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy claimed to be able to minimize and repair the damage caused by UV.


With my dearest girls! Elaine, Verlyn, Maybeline & I.

Knowing how harmful UV rays are, we couldn’t help but still borrow some natural light for a photo, or two. Maybe 3 or 4.


The products only reached me yesterday, hence the review won’t be up so soon. I chose the Anti-Ageing range of course! I love to fight age!

Let me digress. When I was 18, people think that I looked 28. Tell me should I laugh or cry?!

Now, I am 28, taxi uncle die die also said I am only 20/21. But I forgot tell the uncle he 70 years old already, looked at me from his mirror at night of course young lah! LOL! Most people will think i am around 23-25. Still good, at least the older I get, the younger I seemingly look! With my dwarfy height, I think backview only 12 years old. ;-p

Nevertheless, I shall keep it up!


Ending with a photo of us pigging out.

Random thought: How come other girls pose with food can look cute but I look like this?! TSKK.

Off to try my new products. Do continue to visit for the review. 😉


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