MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat

Prior to getting the invitation to this food tasting, I was puzzled what’s with the hype of this makan place coz in a day itself, I saw 2-3 facebook friends checking in & that happened over a few days! Thanks to Elaine, Karen & Melva for the invite! 😉


Moo Ka Ta” literally means “pork skillet” in Thai. It’s created so that both BBQ and hot pot/steamboat can be enjoyed at the same time.


(photo source: Moojaa)


Moojaa’s special dipping sauces.

Spicy & very appetizing!


Lemongrass drink & Iced Thai Tea, $2.50 each.

A hit with most customers!


Traditional charcoal pot is used.


Soup was added to just the sides of the pot. The center part will be used for the barbecue.


We ordered a Set Gai ($39.90) to share between 6 of us.

*The refill of vegetables and all Ala Carte items is applicable for the Buffet Option only.

Check out the menu here.


A variety of meat & vegetables: Boneless chicken, prawns, pork balls, squids, scallops, crabmeats, abalone slices, golden mushroom, tang hoon (vermicelli), xiao bai cai & kang kong.


Instead of coating the BBQ pan with oil/butter, a piece of pork lard was placed at the top center so that the oil will flow down to the sides to bbq other meat.


The fragrance of bbq meat and the sweetness of the soup is heavenly!

The meat are all very well marinated that even a non-pork lover like me found myself reaching for more pork belly.

Elaine, Ver & I were all busy scooping bowl after bowl of that delicious soup! Don’t judge the soup by its initial color! After cooking some food in it + the oil from all the bbq meat dripping into it, it makes a really fine broth. All the seafood sweetness & richness…. oohhh…


More chicken, more chicken!


Omelette, $6.

We just can’t do without eggs, can we?


 Basil meat with long beans. Not sure what is it called exactly. This is supposed to come with rice. Yes, good for one person.


Verlyn, I & Elaine.

I was thinking: “Ah… lighting not very good leh….”

Cindee & Char + MooJaa Food Tasting 119

Until Elaine sent me photos from her camera. Conclusion: My camera is lousy.

Anyway, we have been going out with caps a lot. Not unusual for me, but it’s really great to see have someone who dresses like this too! How! We got look younger not?! lol!

Cindee & Char + MooJaa Food Tasting 120

(photo credit: Elaine73)

I really enjoyed the food & company! Will definitely go back again with my friends next time!

MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat is located at:

25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132

(5 minutes from Outram MRT)

Tel: 65364780

Lunch: Monday to Friday (11am – 2pm)

Dinner: Monday to Sunday (5pm – 11pm)

Click HERE for Moojaa Facebook page.

OOTD collage

Outfit: My old skull cap, $5 army green skull top from Bugis Village, black denim shorts, black boots & black chain bag from St Louis.


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