Perricone MD: Blue Plasma The Daily No Peel Peel

Perricone MD launches Blue Plasama, a non-acidic daily peel for brightening & radiance.

I was so glad to get to know more about this brand which is very foreign to me. Thanks Rusty for bringing me along!


Blue Plasma is a liquid treatment that is powerful & effective without damaging or irritate the skin with the use of harsh chemical peels & abrasive exfoliators.

And this fact got me really keen as I know how harsh most physical scrubs can be for my sensitive skin.

Have you got the same problem? Lotsa dead skin on the face, skin feels gritty but after scrub, it seems a little red & sensitive and skin still falls before your expectations?

If yes, you gotta finish reading this post to find out more about this particular product. ūüėČ


Blue Plasma is scientifically formulated to deliver the benefits of a more traditional peel, without the side effects.

Dr.Perricone warned against the use of harsh chemical peels & abrasive exfoliators as methods to reveal new skin below the surface as those products, be it used in spas, doctors’ offices or purchased over the counters, can potentially damage – not just short term, but it can impact skin’s health on a long-term basis.

After years of researching, Dr.Perricone found an alternative that delivers the same surface benefits, minus all the harm & skin irritation.

With bio-specific accuracy, Blue Plasma peels only dead skin cells, and accelerates cell renewal & turnover that naturally slows down as we age. It micro-extracts surface debris and hydro-fuses the skin with nutrient-rich water.

Why are traditional peels harmful?

Traditional peels can be acidic and they work by “attacking” the skin surface’s dead cells, but at the same time, they could attack the healthy skin cells, and thus, burning skin off that leads to redness, irritation & sensitivity.

Scrub-like exfoliators create micro-tears on the skin’s surface. Over time, skin becomes thin and fragile.


Because of this revolutionary technology, Blue Plasma ensures the long-term health of the skin and is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Results to expect:

  • Resurfacing of the skin

  • Luxurious luminosity, radiance & clarity

  • Improved light reflectivity with increased brightness & glow

  • Unparalleled softness & smoothness

  • Plumpness of lines & wrinkles, & reduction in pore size


Salmon egg enzyme: Bio-specific peeling agent that tackles only dead skin cells.

L-Carnitine: Extracts, unclogs & purifies.

Pterostilbene: Antioxidant-rich. Delivers radiance & brightening benefits.

Honokiol & Magnolol: Powerful anti-inflammatory & soothing.

Copper: Repairs & promotes skin health. Naturally contributes to the blue color of Blue Plasma.





Application: Apply Blue Plasma one time daily after proper cleansing, followed by your recommended treatment. No rinsing is required.


I have only started using Blue Plasma for a week & I already feel the difference. My skin feels so smooth & free of dead skins, but totally no dryness nor any¬†slightest discomfort. Since it is in a fluid form, application is very easy with the aid of the dropper. The fishballs-sized pores also seem smaller! So far, very good! I will continue to monitor, if it’s good, this review stays this way. If not, I’ll be updating. ūüėČ

Now, I bet this product will work even wondrous if I go for regularly facials to extract those blackheads so they don’t “block” the way for Blue Plasma to penetrate into.

Any facial sponsors? ;-P #bueypaisehask

Seriously, when I used to do facials for people, I really wished I can clone myself and do facial for myself too. I really think my face massage not too bad! AHAHAHA!

Blue Plasma retails for $177 and is exclusively available at escentials at Tangs Orchard, escentials at Paragon,  escentials The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Metro Paragon, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons The Centrepoint and Sephora. 

For more information:


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