100 AM First Food Tour

100 AM is a new shopping mall at Amara Hotel – few minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.

Previously, it was known as Amara Shopping Centre, if I am not wrong. I remembered vaguely when I worked there in Edo Sushi restaurant when I was 17, other than the office lunch hour, it was quite a “dead place”. But it has a good location and I am so glad that 100 AM now looks so much more interesting with so many dining places, shops & etc to create a brand new experience!

There will be a total of 70 retail & F&B brands!


I joined 100 AM for a food tour together with a small group of food lovers & Channel U crew. 


Wraps & fruit juices at Simply Wrapps & Fruitz Craze, #03-22.


Verlyn’s Avocado Latte which I didn’t quite like coz of it’s thick texture. I had “System Overhaul” which is a blend of red apple, bittergourd and lemon that aids in detoxifying the body. I like it as it is refreshing without being overly bitter.


Tasty wraps with lotsa vegetables. Can eat & still be slim!

Oyster restaurant

The Oyster & Crab Restaurant, #01-08

Want a bite of Japan?

This 3000 sq ft restaurant is headed by Chef Asai Masashi focusing on crab and oyster recipes. Live seafood like King Crab, Hairy Crab are specially imported from Hokkaido twice a week.


To enjoy the privacy of this big room, per pax minimum spending is $90.



First appetizer dish, they served us this combination plate which they call “Omakase” in Japanese. (Correct me if I am wrong! I didn’t jot down, it’s all based on my memory)

It has a very lovely mixture of textures. Fried crab meat, oyster, cod fish intestines, cold crab claws & edamame. Definitely appetizing!


Once again, I was pretty amazed that I am such a person who can just try anything even if the name doesn’t sound very appealing. Eg: Cod fish intestines. What?! I was like: “Cod fish got intestines one meh?” Did I dream this up? Wait, someone please tell me you heard the waitress said that it’s intestines too!



Lobster & Salmon with roe.

The lobster was coated with egg sauce. Paired with the fresh sweetness of the meat, this is a very fulfilling dish indeed!


Salmon and roe, how wrong can it get? From raw sashimi to cooked ones, I love them all!


Hic’Cup Concept Cafe, #01-06

After some light & savory eats, what’s best to end the food trail? Sweets & some ice!

Though yummy, Hic’Cup aims to deliver a healthy and convenient dessert in a cup with natural ingredients and free of artificial flavorings and sweeteners. They are brought to you by the same team behind Marble Slab Creamery!



The Tiramisu Hero is selling in Hic’Cup too! Didn’t get to try again coz I was almost bursting from all the food & drinks.


Other than the wonderful range of drinks blend, Hic’Cup offers some good crepe too!

Crepes for lunch sounds like a good idea too!


I really love “The Smashing Strawberries” that I ordered. It is an invigorating blend of fresh banana, strawberries and yogurt! Oh-so-yum! Filled my stomach to the brim too!

crepes collage

As for the crepes, I pretty like ’em all except for Tree Hugger coz the sauce is not the kind of taste I like. It’s a little soury. Like a blend of BBQ & curry sauce. 

After the food tour ended, I joined my dear Kiyora & Himeko at Tsujiri Tea House which they really raved about! I don’t like green tea flavored food (I only drink Green Tea) but I shall try it out some day!

Thank you, wonderful people at 100 AM for this great experience! 😉

Viait 100 AM on 100am.com.sg or their Facebook page here.

100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm


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