Eucerin Dermo Purifyer to my rescue!

I received some products from Eucerin & since it falls under the dermatological category, it really did come at the right time since I finished all the products from my favorite brand! 

Recently, my hormones must have had some kind of battle inside me, or that I may have tried too many different anti-aging products that can be too rich for me (oily skin), plus I just recovered from a serious bout of food poisoning – my face looked like a piece of cement land (ashy grey like zombie) with bumps and angry spots.

Yet, I refused to stop my anti-aging skincare entirely as I want to fight the symptoms of age!


Hence, I alternate those products with the Purifyer range that Eucerin sent me!

Eucerin’s products are free of fragrance, alcohol, colourants and anionic surfactants and have been tested on sensitive skin, so to assure the highest level of compatibility for every skin type.


DermatoCLEAN Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover


DermatoCLEAN Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover removes my eye makeup easily. Even the Mom likes it too! I soaked 2 pieces of cotton pads and pressed it on the eye area for approximately 10 seconds so that eye makeup can be dissolved thoroughly, then gently swipe it off.


DermatoCLEAN 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Fluid, RSP $27.90 (200ml)

Description: This cleansing fluid cleanses, removes water-soluble eye makeup and also acts as a toner. It contains a very effective yet mild cleansing complex and nature-derived moisturizing actives.


Despite it being a 3-in-1, I still poured my cleansing fluid onto a cotton pad to remove the rest of my makeup. I didn’t try using it for my eye makeup as I know my mascara confirm won’t come off. It is good for the light, base makeup or if I only have pencil eyeliner on the eyes & very gentle on the skin. After the cleansing, the skin already feels clean, but me being me, I’ll still double cleanse & use a proper toner.

(Made a mental to self to try it again without rinsing off with another cleanser/water when I have light makeup on.)


DermoPURIFYER Cleanser, RSP $21.20 (200ml)

Description: Cleanses effectively, yet gently removes excessive sebum while removing dirt and makeup. It is anti-bacterial, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, soap free & oil free. Suitable for acne-prone skin.


This cleanser has a watery-gel consistency that feels so gentle on the skin. After cleansing, my skin feels free of sebum, but maybe a tad stripped which has to be compensated with moisturizer. One thing for sure, it doesn’t smell nice or good. Totally fragrance free. Like the chinese says: “Quality medicine is bitter to the taste.”

Just a side note: When I had severe food poisoning last Sunday, this cleanser sorta aggravated my nausea. ;-( All’s well now though.


DemoPurifyer Scrub, RSP $18.60 (100ml)

Description: The scrub unclogs pores and refines skin texture while reducing blackheads and blemishes. It contains lactic-acid beads and micro particles; soap and oil free. Suitable for acne-prone skin.

I use this scrub only once to twice a week. It is quite gentle on the skin yet the micro beads in it seemingly took away some little oil bumps on my face easier.


Active Concentrate, RSP $29.90 (30ml)

Description: A fast absorbing concentrate with highly effective lactic acid to visibly improves the skin’s complexion. It can be used on its own for people with very oily skin.

  • Apply daily after cleansing and before applying day care or night care products
  • Spread a few drops onto the skin and dab gently

I like this product a lot! The concentrate has a pleasant smell and it really absorbs well into the skin in a short while. The after-effect is a matte and smooth feeling, and at the same time, skin doesn’t feels tight or dry. In fact, it feels moisturized enough to make me almost want to skip my moisturizer after that!

To sum up, after using this set of Eucerin products, I realized the bumps and scars from the breakout lightened a lot. Now, my skin is recovering well. 😉

Of course, there is no miracle that can turn me into a swan overnight. Skincare routine takes time to build. Just don’t be lazy!  


DermoPurifyer Cleanser + Scrub bundle pack is selling for $25.90 instead of the original price of $45.80!

*Available in selected Watsons stores from 28th March – 24th April 2013.


Ending with a funny prank photo I posted on Instagram! *wink*

Hope your week is starting fabulous!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

(ps: I sompah I never fool you with a fake review okie. Only joke is the last photo as seen above.)


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