My Relaxing 28th: Staycation at Oasia Hotel

What kind of birthday celebration do you prefer? Is it partying all night long with friends? A simple dinner with love ones or sneaking away for some form of relaxation?

Well, partying is out for me at this age. This post marks the last episode of my 28th birthday celebration. And I definitely hope there are many many more painless years to come!

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Room- pantry (4)

I was given a surprise staycation!

hotel - building

 9 March 2013 – C brought me to Oasia Hotel which is located just beside Novena MRT.

hotel - concierge

 Concierge/check-in counter.

hotel - lobby sign

B3 links to the MRT station!

No need to worry if it rains!

hotel - bar

 Zaffron @level 1

I really love hotel stays coz it momentarily fulfills my desire of having a big room to myself & occasional change of concepts & structures.

hotel- lift (2)

 The typical woah-lift-got-full-length-mirror-must-camwhore shot.

And…. room tour begins!

room - walkway

What we saw when we opened the door to our room.

room - wardrobe (2)

room - wardrobe (1)

 On the right after we stepped in from the door is the wardrobe & safe etc. The hair dryer is the first thing I would check whenever I go on a staycation/holiday trip!

On the left is the bathroom which I will show you later! 😉

room - bed (3)

room -bed

 I love the browns of the room concept & the carpet! I dislike walking bare-footed on tiles in any places except my own house.

room - window view (2)

A bay window couch with a nicer view than the one at Park Regis Hotel. However, the seat space is a lil too narrow and small! I didn’t sit on it to read or whatever at all. That’s unlike me coz I am someone who loves sitting by the window (which I did when I went to Park Regis) to chill and relax!

room - window US

I really wanna say… C can be a real bitch most times but hor since she brought me here, I shall say nice things… Hmmm, she is very cute & sweet. HAHAHA.

room - window view

Our window overlooked the swimming pool and garden on the 8th floor! We were on the 20th.

The long, thin see-through curtain draped to the floor. There was a button beside the bed to put down the blinds for 100% privacy since we were facing some condo.

room -bed (2)

Since the bathroom is frosted & also quite see-through too, we made sure we put the blinds down whenever we wanna shower.

room - study table

 A big study/work table by the window which became my good vanity area. ;-D

room - study table US

Yay! Mirror for me to see when I makeup!!

Room - study table ME (2)

Needless to say, I spent most of my time sitting there watching TV and doing whatsoever.

room - TV

 TV right in front of the bed! 

room - pantry collage

 Mini pantry.

We didn’t touch whatever snacks there or drinks in the fridge because we assume all hotels in Singapore charge for these (can see cannot touch LOL!)… so being the typical Singaporeans, we will buy our own snacks & bring back to the room! Hehe!

Oasia Hotel, please correct me if I am wrong! (I wish I am!)

That made me miss the hotel I stayed at when we were in Phuket! Everything just drink & replenish every day!

Room - bath 1

Another part of the room which I enjoyed being at & spent a considerable amount of time in. ;-p

Other than the frosted glass separating the bathroom and bed, there is another wooden sliding door too in case you have any really big & serious business to do! 😉

Oh, and there is this wonderful knob on the wall just beside the door to turn up/down the TV volume! Means you can listen to the TV program that the TV outside the bathroom is showing – as loud or as soft that you want! Be it you genuinely want to listen to news or you just wanna conceal your nature sounds. LOL! (I super love this function coz I don’t like people eavesdropping or hear me when I am in the toilet!)

Room - bath 2 (2)

The toilet & shower cubicle has this shared sliding door. If you cover the shower, you can’t cover the toilet. That’s interesting & space-saving! Anyway, you don’t need that many doors since usually only 2 person will share one room.

Room - bath 2 (3)

Space is just nice if your tummy really hurts and you need to use both hands to put up/push both sides of the walls. You know that dramatic kind you see in shows? Pain until must tahan the walls that kind. (Just an illustration, don’t take me too seriously)

Put it nicely: The toilet cubicle space is just nice with 1/2 to 3/4 arm’s length on each side.


Room - bath 2 (7)

 We love rain-showers!! Even more than bathtubs seriously! I prefer a nice, quick, hot shower over a long, soak-till-your-skin-wrinkled bath. Bathtubs waste a lot of water too! We really should save our earth’s resources!

Room - Bath Essential Collage

White tea shower essentials that smell good!

After we finish checking the room out, we quickly changed into our swimwear and headed to the pool!

hotel -pool

I love what I was seeing.

The tanning benches were in the water. Awesome if you are already feeling so hot & baked and you just need to get down the bench into cooling water, instead of scorching hot plank floor and doing Little Red Indian dance.

hotel - pool (2)

Across us were the tanning beds and more benches with umbrellas – Good for the lovely dovey couples and ladies who love to be in bikinis but hate the sun.

hotel - pool ME


 I love the sun even though I am so fair! I do miss the days when I am considered tanned!

There is a baby pool & Jacuzzi pool at the other end.  


 Since it was my birthday treat, I suggested to eat KFC & udders Ice Cream for dessert since we were so near to the malls at Novena! It’s a day to be sinful and not feel overly guilty!

midnight snacks (1)

 We bought snacks, instant noodles & alcohol back to the hotel room! *ahem*

midnight snacks (6)

These premium coffee (Caramel Macchiato & Mocha Latte) cost $2 each. Thumbs up!


I even helped C to dye her hair while she watched TV. Machiam her birthday right! LOL!

Erm, I hope Oasia after seeing this post don’t scold us or ask for compensation coz I accidentally stained the towel. ;-X

So sorry!! ;-(

We snacked too much and drank through the night. I woke up at 6.30am after a good sleep (but decided it was too early), flopped back and got up again at 8am to make myself a cup of hot tea before I go for a swim!

Something came to my mind!

During the night when we wanted to off the lights to sleep, we realized the bathroom’s light was too bright! I slept nearer to the bathroom side and was kinda affected but we couldn’t and won’t off the light in the bathroom as it will be pitch dark. The small little spot-lights at the bedsides weren’t quite enough. We keep testing the different lights but the best was to leave the bathroom’s one on. Fortunately a light sleeper like me managed to sleep it off in the end! I think they should stick some kind of opaque (or super frosted) wallpaper on the top part of the glass to shield off the light!


After the morning swim, we discovered the Sauna & steambath area in the gym!

The sauna wasn’t working or warm at all, but it was still interesting since it was my first time seeing a sauna that has a FM/CD function.

Birthday cake (1)

Went back to our room & C picked up a call from the concierge to inform her that they are bringing up a little surprise for the birthday girl!

I was shocked & touched when the bell rang & C opened the door to see 4 of Oasia Hotel’s staff & manager outside with a plate of cake! I was so shy when they sang me the birthday song with me still in my swimwear & wet. Haha!

Birthday cake (2)

Thanks to C for organizing this fun yet peaceful getaway & Oasia Hotel for the pleasant stay and for extending our check-out time when we didn’t have enough time to get ready after the birthday surprise!

I wish I can go back & try out their club suites but that gotta wait till I get a job!

Just if you need, click HERE for Oasia Hotel Singapore Facebook page.

*This hotel stay is not sponsored but paid by C. I appreciate if there is no silly, criticizing remarks that hotel reviews should be sponsored by the hotel. Who says if I pay, I can’t review?? (FYI, really got dumb people like this) 😉



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