Vanity Trove: April 2013 Edition


I have something not new but relatively new on this blog to share with you! My first & the last box of Vanity Trove box I got was from the Destination Beautiful Bloggers Event last year! Since then, I’ve had a good impression of them as their samples and brands in the box was good! (Click here to see) So happy that I get to receive this lovely beauty box again!

You must have heard about Vanity Trove already! They have grew & expanded so much!


How it works:

By subscribing to their trove service for $25/month, you will receive a surprise box of beauty treats that have been carefully chosen & delivered right to your doorstep.

The Star Points:

  • This is superb for ladies who are always keen & on the lookout to try new products! (or even men; if they love taking care of skin as much as us!)
  • You can’t be buying everything in full size to try right?
  • Best to bring on holidays/stay-cations!
  • Ideal size to stop using in case you ever find any product not suitable for you but won’t feel the heartpain!
  • We just love surprises!
  • Finding out about new products that have been raved about.
  • Great gift to a girlfriend, mother or friends.


Let’s have a look what’s in my VT April Edition! I received 2 brands which I have not tried before! Yay!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser

Retails at S$55, 125ml

Description: Formulated to exfoliate, reduce the look of pores, and improve light reflectivity, as well as having the long-term benefits of controlling melanin synthesis, this gentle foaming cleanser will not only purify and detoxify skin but will also support skin’s own collagen and elastin matrix. The melting micro beads and enzyme instantly removes surface melanin leaving skin brighter, more even toned and glowing.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Multi-Targeted UV Shield BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ 

Retails at S$80, 125ml

Description: This daytime formula with SPF 30++ contains ingredients that not only provide anti-oxidant protection and fight the appearance of discolouration, you’ll also feel that skin is instantly hydrated, looks smooth and evenly toned. Giving skin a translucent glow, this is the perfect product to obtain this seasons makeup looks.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules

Retails at S$140, 50 Capsules

Description: These capsules of nighttime serum will have your skin looking profoundly smoother, crystal clear and translucent. Delivering Vitamin C derivative, as well as SpectraBright™ technology, antioxidants and plant derived extracts that prevent melanin synthesis and fight the damaging effects of pollution. Just one serum filled capsule, massaged into the skin, each night both compliments and finishes off you nighttime beauty regime.

Available at OG People’s Park, OG Albert Complex, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons Centrepoint, Metro Paragon and Takashimaya


Dr Ci:Labo Super Washing Foam EX

Retails at S$47, 120g

Description: Moisturizing ingredients encapsulated in a nanocapsule. A fine, a botanical cleansing ingredient’s creamy lather’s elastic texture to remove debris, dirt, pollutants and other impurities thoroughly yet gently.

Click HERE to read about product’s features & benefits.

Dr Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX

Retails at S$50, 100g

Description: Gently remove makeup without losing moisture! When the cleanser is worked with makeup on the skin, it slowly turns into oil, Thoroughly remove even the toughest makeup, dirt and other impurities. While massaging, the gel will transform into oil, its gentle warming effect soften dead skin cells and lifts the makeup. It carefully catches impurities and clears the pores, removes dead skin cells.

Click HERE to read about product’s features & benefits.

Dr Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture EX

Retails at S$130, 120g/S$65, 50g

Description: Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture is Just one application (Toner, Milky lotion, Beauty Essence, Brightening Essence and Makeup Base) after washing your face and you’re finished.
Skin problems and aging skin are largely related to the amount of moisture in your skin, the naturally derived gel combines the latest industry developments with state of the art technology to give it the ability to preserve high moisture levels in your skin. It moisturizes your skin both inside and out and keeps it that way for long periods of time. Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture’s ingredients are contained in a nano-sized capsule, thus makes it easier to go deep into the skin layers and retains moisture in so it will not evaporate so easily, yet gentle for the skin. Feel the power of long-lasting Moisture all day!

Click HERE to read about product’s features & benefits.

Dr Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream White377

Retails at S$67, 30g

Description: This multifunctional cream foundation consists of Beauty Essence + Facial Cream + Makeup Base for Brightening + Concealer + Makeup foundation all-in-one tube! Formulated with the latest dermatological breakthrough ingredients such as “WHITE377” for skin brightening and “EGF” for complete skin rejuvenation. Also prevents and fights against naturally occurring dark spots caused by UV ray exposure.

Click HERE to read about product’s features & benefits.


I tested out Dr Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream White377+ and it made me think for a while. By looking at it, it is simply a BB cream. However, it definitely feels that there’s more to it! I would describe it to be in between a BB cream & a moisturizer.

Before After

Application is extremely easy. And because of the moisturizer properties it has, it slipped my mind & I applied it just like how I would apply my skincare products instead of the usual dabbing & patting for conventional BB creams. Not to mention, this application technique doesn’t leave streaks on my face! 😉

I will try out the rest of the products soon! (Too many on my list hehe!)

Want some surprises to your doorstep too? You can subscribe to Vanity Trove now for May’s edition!

Get updates from Vanity Trove Facebook Page HERE!


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