My Healthy 28th: Bestie & I Went Cycling

My friends were asking me: “So, what did you do on your birthday?” and my reply was “I went cycling with my fellow birthday girlfriend!“.

People tell me that I am bullshitting when I said I am not someone who die die must celebrate my birthdays one. I think maybe I am so used to celebrating for others & others forgetting about mine so I just stop celebrating. LOL. Trust me, there are such people. They only want people to buy them gifts & dinners but MIA when it’s yours. Well…. no need to console me or whatever, coz I am very okay with it! Hahaha! I guess I am the kind of person who gives but don’t really expect to receive. (Depends on what lah, don’t take my advantage can liao)

Any way, I already had advance dinner at Wang Dae Bak & Au Chocolat with a few friends. Bestie took leave on 11th (monday) so we decided that we might as well do something that we always have no chance to due to our busy schedules!

We went to Tampines Sunplaza Park to rent bicycles. There was a promotion: Rent 1 hour get 1 hour free! LOL! *Excited like one auntie*

Bestie led me through the park and up the expressway to Pasir Ris.

There was this narrow, upward slope & I told Bestie: “Let’s try to peddle up! I think should be okie.”

So….. I peddled like one mad woman, reached the top breathless, and turned around to see why Bestie not up yet…..

 BLEH! This woman is a cheat!

My legs instantly felt tougher though, so I guessed it was worth it? ;-D

 I not trying to act cute with the braid okie… It’s just that every time I wear a ponytail, it gets so tangled & sticking out.

The braid stays in place most times!  

It was really a nice day and we visited Pasir Ris Park and beach, which I have visitied for ages!

This flight of staircase replaced the maze!

Not exactly the kind of outfit that is flattering for the body. ;-S

 So sunny!!

 We known each other for more than a decade already! Time flies! 

Proof that I really cycled! Er ok…. you can’t see me cycling., but you see the bike, which means I gotta cycle lah….;-p

Ending with a nice rocky slope in Pasir Ris!

I really really appreciate times like this rather any kind of party. Being in the nature allows me to face the real me and of course, the near to makeup-less me. ;-p



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