Vichy Bi-white Med Essence Exclusive Event

I’ve been using Vichy Spa Water since the workshop/event I attended in 2011!

This time round, I am happy that they invited me to an exclusive, comfy sit-down-drink-and-chat session at Paris Baguette Cafe at Wisma Atria!

Bi-WHITE, since its launch in 2001, has been trusted by millions of women and pharmacists. They are recognized for its deep whitening efficacy and respect for sensitive skin.

Yvonne, sharing with us on Vichy’s origins while we had some bites.

I know of so many women & girls who are absolute concerned in whitening effects in a skincare product. That being, they wanna be fair (whitened) without causing any damages to the skin should the product contains any harsh chemicals.

Bi-White contains Peony or Paeonia Suruticosa, that is known as the king of flowers. Peony will not only restore your skin’s radiance but also protect it from free radicals generated by pollution and stress.

5 oils of natural origins were carefully selected to answer all the particular needs of your skin. The resulting balance oil is antioxidant, hydrating, purifying, anti-inflammatory and reconstructive. The 5 oils are: Apricot, Passionflower, Macadamia, Coriander & Jojoba oil.

No wonder the products smell good too and have the “doctor” fragrance to it! I like products smelling like they are from the doctors/dermatological coz it means professional!

Most products that we see in the market for dark spots correction really focus on their role. Vichy went the way out to improvise their Bi-White series so that they NOT only targets dark spots, but also improves dull complexion, corrects yellow skin tone, helps those with irregular skin texture, red patches & dryness patches.

Hypoallergenicity tested with 100 women.

Non comedogenicity tested with 39 women with mixed oily to acne-prone skin.

Use test under dermatological control on 40 Asian women, all skin types, 100% sensitive skin with dark spots.

Bi-White Med Essence: $82

Bi-White Med Day Cream: $59

Bi-White Med Night Cream: $69

Vichy is available at Watsons, Guardian & Unity and they have a Vichy flag-ship at Ngee Ann City Watsons and Paragon Guardian which are first in Asia!

There a gift with purchase promotion now(while stocks last)- special edition Parisienne umbrella with purchase of Vichy Bi-White Med Essence and Day Or Night at selected Watsons, Guardian and Unity stores.  

These yummy pastries and food can’t do you whitening good but promised to leave you feeling loved and blissful. 😉

All our mobile charms combined!


We love this limited edition Vichy box!

What’s in the box: Bi-WHITE Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence, Bi-WHITE Med Whitening Replumping Gel Cream & a bottle of Thermal Spa Water Mist Spray.

I have not gotten around to trying the products yet. Will review it much much later!


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