Furry Kids & Hairless Adults

How can anyone not love any furry pal? I always go oooh-oohhh-ahhh over them.

I believe there are many dog lovers out there, so I’ve put together these photos for your viewing pleasure!

Wailer is a young schnauzer (aka ah pek gao) owned by my friend, S.

C & I were there for a mini steamboat gathering cum mahjong session. A beginner like me just gotta go and pay some school fees, don’t I? But the most anticipating part is to see her dog!

Dogs, like humans, feel too. That means they can feel down at times.

However, unhappy times for them will never last…..

Wailer begging S’s mama for a luxury treat! But of course no, this furry kid can’t eat what we eat.

They have quick responses….

and this never-give-up attitude.

Perseverance won!

“Ask, and you shall receive.”

That’s S & me!

Once Wailer feels happy, he comes to you.

 He won’t even mind having a photo or two taken.

 During this time, Wailer witnessed S’s mama putting wig onto C & D!

He was probably thinking: “Heng ah! Bo wa eh tai ji!”

(Direct translation: Lucky, not my problem!)

 Never be too sure.

 He couldn’t escape. Hahaha.

(Wailer wailer, if you are a girl also can be very chio!!)

 Shortly after, 2 furry friends, The York brothers came to visit!

Wailer showed them who’s the boss here. LOL.

One of the york brothers kept sniffing Wailer out & begging him to play. 

He hid under the mahjong chair/table to cry several times after he got rejected by Wailer.

The other York brother will console him by licking his face. I think he was drying his tears!

See! Who says dogs have no feelings!

 He smiles sweetly when you shower him with attention & affection.

Giving dogs happiness don’t have to be a forced effort. It comes from within. You love them, they love you. You are happy, and they will be, vice versus.

If you are never ready to give love & companionship, don’t buy a dog please. There are so many sad stories online which is truly heart-aching!

 Hope you’ve enjoyed reading! If you like this photo story, feel free to share this blog post with others! ;-D



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