Goodskin Labs TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate

I hate wrinkles & fine lines that are starting to take over my face! Even though technology is so amazing that I can smoothen out my complexion with just a few clicks, I still wish for a wrinkle-free skin naturally!

GoodSkin Labs, the internationally acclaimed skincare brand is dedicated to delivering REAL anti-aging results.

Have a wrinkle in between your brows? Dislike those deep laugh lines like I do? GoodSkin Labs TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate ACTS like aesthetics fillers I swear.

How does it work?  

The potent deep wrinkle fighting formulation of Tri-Aktiline™ Plus takes a multi-pronged approach to reducing the look of visible fine lines and wrinkles on contact, as it fills, blurs and tightens fine lines and wrinkles immediately.  Over time, Tri-Aktiline™ Plus plumps, lifts and firms. New cutting edge ingredients Diatosol and a network of polymers combine to provide instant skin tightening benefits, as PromoLift™ and Phytomatrix 100 help repair, firm, and lift skin in the long term.  

This latest innovation from GoodSkin Labs is combined with the breakthrough original Tri-Aktiline™ formula, including the non-whitening, wrinkle filling, matte silicone, but now features a more comfortable, less tacky, easier-to-wear feeling. Starting now, Tri-Aktiline™ Plus delivers younger-looking and younger-acting skin. 

Thank you Goodskin Lab & Sasa for sponsoring me this product to try out! I saw the results and I went to check out the other products! 😉

I will not be showing any before photos. I did take some (without makeup) but when I opened it on the computer, I disgusted myself from seeing all the large, clogged pores and deep set lines.

However, throughout a month of using this product, I did jot down some notes on my notebook like a diary! So let me just input it here for you!

Day 1 (27 Jan 2013): First use. Observed face for the first few hours. Lines seem to have plump up that tiny bit. Don’t know if it’s my imagination or what?

Day 3 (29 Jan 2013): Wait! The lines really don’t look as deep I’m sure!

Day 5 (31 Jan 2013): Show off product to the Dad who is very vain too. From the way I explain to him, I think he is secretly tempted to buy it for himself.

Day 10 (5 Feb 2013): Can see that the lines are being “filled” up by silicone. Touched the skin and found that it does feel like fillers have been injected! Lines under the eyes & forehead also improved!

Day 16 ( 11 Feb 2013): The laugh line used to be so long – from side of nose to the corner of the mouth, but it has been reduced to just this small crescent shaped line when I smile.

The areas where I apply the product also feel firmer and tighter. In fact, it feels a little rubbery (like how I felt when I had my nose fillers done last year!).

I am really happy with the result that Goodskin Labs TRI-AKTILINE™ PLUS Deep Wrinkle Filler + Firming Concentrate brings!

Exclusively available in SaSa Singapore from 1 Feb 2013. S$66




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