Two Chefs Eating Place

 This has got to be my 1st time reviewing Zi-char food!

Organized by & led to this hidden treasure place by Estelle, We found ourselves at Two Chefs Eating Place!

(Photo credit: Hui Yan)

Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent, #01-129, Singapore 140116
Phone: 6472 5361

(Commonwealth MRT Exit B)

When & where do you usually frequent zi-char stalls? I do that a lot especially with the family! Dad being the typical chinese who loves chinese food, this is the only thing he likes to eat! (Already made a mental note to bring the family here soon!) 😉

Saw this above! I was thinking to myself: “Waah sure or not! Cockles whatever way you cook also okie one mah… So exaggerating meh?”

Anyway, I was quite excited to be eating at this raved about zi-char stall with Verlyn, and new-found friends: Estelle, Cookie, Damien & Hui Yan!

(Photo credit: Hui Yan)

The famous & much anticipated plate of Drunken Cockles was served!

Nah, I didn’t get drunk. I contracted the hand-feeding-mouth-non-stop syndrome.

I have always prefer hot over cold food (except sashimi and soba), however I was amazed how good these can taste! The cockles weren’t overcooked nor undercooked.

Lotsa garlic, spring onion & red chilli, with their soy sauce – THUMBS UP!

开饭! 开饭!

This 3-eggs dish is a popular hit with most people.

Love a combination of soup-gravy, eggs & vegetables? This goes well with or without rice as it wasn’t too salty as compared to some I tried elsewhere.

Don’t belittle the normal appearance of this prawn balls with pork floss dish. It looked average but the taste buds had an experience that was nothing less than “brilliant”! 😉

One of Two Chefs’ signature – Buttered ribs with a heap of milk powder.

Milk powder?? I swear I’ve never tried anything like this before. Pretty interesting, but I had phobia of milk powder.

Let me digress. When I was young, Mom made me milk using milk powder (not fresh milk kind) and the milk powder didn’t dissolve properly. I never NOT choked nor feel like puking when I tasted those undissolved milk lumps. Most times, I poured my milk outta of the window & got scolded & whacked badly.

Anyway, back to this buttered ribs. I do like the fried ribs alot. The milk powder was too sweet for me. I tried to shake the powder off before eating. Not a dish I would re-order for myself.

Beancurd (Tofu) with golden mushroom and some minced meat in the rich brown gravy. This is the kind of dish I like to have with my rice. Not too salty, yet flavorful. 😉

Enjoyed this dinner with the lovely new friends!

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