Spa Infinity

This marks my 1st proper visit to a spa. I didn’t go before is because, most spas are not cheap. At least not for me. Or put it this way, I just can’t bear to spend that money cos I don’t earn enough to splurge.

Suddenly recalled having a massage at Citi spa before. There was a Jacuzzi in the room itself but I didn’t get to use cos they seemed very busy. And I very paiseh if I used & held up the next customer! (I enquired about their package after that but the manager was so rude & didn’t want to let me find out!)

The only reason that I am visiting Spa infinity is that some time back, Groupon has this really attractive deal.

Cheap deal + desperately needing a massage + kiasu = BUY!

 Buying for 2 pax is definitely more worth it!

An hour of massage + free use of the spa facilities? Sounds like a great treat!

Moreover, we are allowed to go on a sunday, and the staff over the phone was really polite & helpful even though I had changed the appointment a couple of times.

Found ourselves at the basement of Far East Shopping Centre (in between Hilton Hotel and Wheelock Place), heading towards the car park. Why? Spa Infinity is located at the car park! Amusing! For a moment, I was fearing that it’s gonna be a spa for men cos it seems so mysterious & sneeky. LOL! *sua-ku*

It’s advisable to reach 15 mins prior to your appointment so that you can slowly put your belongings away in the locker or have a quick dip in the Jacuzzi Pool. As we only reach probably 3 mins before our allocated time, we didn’t have the chance to understand more about the spa.

The only thing we did at the reception counter were to fill in our particulars, get the locker key & listen to some sales speech about paying a special price for groupon customers to use a better quality oil for the massage. I rejected cos I didn’t want to pay extra for the oil in case the massage wasn’t good enough & I’ll be feeling angry, and also I feel that there’s no point in purchasing another oil that’s meant for slimming.

I like how well-equipped locker room is. From towels to robes, hand lotion, hair dryers to combs (individually wrapped. no sharing!), this locker room is one of the areas in the entire spa a woman spend most time in!

The only complaint I have? They gave me a locker at the top row & I was struggling to push my bag into it without it toppling over me. And then, after that I had trouble retrieving my bag too. I wished I was 1.74m, instead of a puny 1.54m.

Changed into the kimono-robe and proceeded to the lounge to wait for the massage.

The robe was so huge, and there were men hanging around… HENG ah I wore bikini inside! I was so scared I “zao-geng” (expose)! Hahaha!

I even tried the Whole Body Vibration Machine situated in the lounge and that was the time I thanked the huge robe cos my flabs were vibrating & tickling me so hard I was worried someone might puke or I may accidentally fart.

The one hour massage was heavenly and the best throughout my 3-hours in the spa. The massuer asked me about my problem areas and she really worked out her ass on that. I said I didn’t want any massage on the abdomen area, and so she gave that time to my shoulders instead! This is called CUSTOMIZED MASSAGE! Every spa/massage parlor should do this!

Groupon customers have a body ampoule thrown in too during the massage.

After the massage, I was so sleepy and I wobbled back to the lounge for a hot cup of ginger tea (eeks I never like ginger tea).

There was this area (cafe) where they serve food. I didn’t know whether vouchers customers are entitled to that or all. But since the spa staff did not explain, I take it that’s for their more ‘atas’ or package customers.

There is another kind of robe to change into before we use their facilities – Hot Vitality Pool aka Jacuzzi Pool & sauna/steam bath.

Once again, I was so frigging glad I had my bikini on! The robe kept floating up and slipping down & once I got up from the Jacuzzi pool, it clung to my body. I saw another lady walked out looking so sexy with that cling-wrap robe, and I just don’t understand why I looked so unglam. ;-/

Other than that, the heat the pool emitted was really quite relaxing and seemed to loosen up the knots & muscles.

(Thanks to my hairstylist, Cassandra, for suggesting me to wear a bikini!)

C & I tried the steam bath, but couldn’t stand it for even a minute! It was so frigging hot, unbearable & suffocating. (Feels totally different when I used steam bath at London Weight Management years ago)

We took a quick shower behind the drawn curtains. I was seriously hoping for a spacious shower space with a proper door, but I had no worries about that since the ladies’ locker room is pretty private. Overall, I enjoyed, since I have a companion. 😉

I have come to the end of my virgin spa experience! Do you have a favorite spa that you go to? If yes, how much are you spending on this pampering? Please share with me! XD

(Photos source: Spa Infinity)



  1. Hi! Is it a must to bring our own bikini? Do they provide disposable panties? I will be going for a massage at Spa infinity next week for the first time so I will like to know more.

    Looking forward to your reply! 🙂



    1. Hi Kitty, in fact the spa staff didn’t tell me to bring my own bikini.. I brought as I am scared of exposing myself 😉 They do provide disposable panties for the massage… But i don’t you can wear that into the Jacuzzi pool. They have robes though.



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