Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

Visited this Korean BBQ restaurant last month & I am in love!

The interior, ambience, service & food all thumbs-up!

 Only spot the $10 lunch set deal when I looked at this photo after I got home!

The restaurant is located at 98 Amoy Street, 10mins from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Tel: 65 6226 0450

 I really like the interior of the restaurant – very korean-ish & cozy & it emits that 100% authentic feel.

 Note that there is no aluminum foil between the food & bbq plate. They also poured beaten eggs into the crescent side.

Don’t worry about reeking of smoke smell later. See that metal cylinder up there? It sucked all the smoke away. XD

Sorry I don’t have many food photos to show you. As you know, in Korean restaurants, they always serve many side dishes which are refillable. One of it is Kimchi! When I wrapped it in the lettuce with my meat, it dripped down my hand so I couldn’t touch anything besides my utensils and food. HAHA. Super love veg wrap!!!

I had only half a bowl of rice & was just stuffing veg wrap into my mouth. I blame the pig in me cos of all the korean dramas on weekday nights. Craving pent up too long! ;-p

Some crepe thingy which I can’t remember what is it called. Will definitely try to take proper photos next time!

The atmosphere was really fantastic and the staff there are just so polite and making sure we felt at home despite the place was packed with customers.

Beer + korean food…. mmmm~~

Do you have a favourite korean restaurant too?? Share with me!



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