Platypus Kitchen

Remember V8, that insane lady boss & nightmare dining experience I had in Dec 2011??

I am mighty pleased to know that they have been bought over by Platypus Kitchen! The lady in black has officially retired! HOORAY! What a pleasant start to 2013! May all the BAD be gone! For those who doesn’t understand why I am so negative/biased towards V8, you obviously have not read so. (Click here for the story.)

What’s more awesome than to end 2012 by celebrating at Platypus Kitchen (located in Bugis Junction, level 3) with a few friends? 😉

Thank you to Nicholas Lin, owner of Platypus Kitchen for his lovely invitation and being such a GOOD host!

(Left to right: Ver, Tiff (sis), Eil (bestie, who wrote that V8 post), Nick, Me & C)

Story of Platypus Kitchen

“Founded in 2010 in Raffles Place, our chefs have spent countless hours in the kitchen, labouring away to hand-knead and rollout the freshest hand-made
pastas in Singapore. We are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and are committed to use top quality, speciality sourced ingredients and tons of fresh herbs to create unique flavours in our unprecedented selection of fresh pastas and gourmet risottos. At Platypus, our food contains no preservatives or additives and we do our utmost to incorporate organic and seasonal produce into all our dishes.”

Part of V8’s interior design & staff were retained.

Nicholas shared with us that to cater to the crowd at Bugis, they came out with lunch sets as low as $10.90! Tiff as a student, after hearing this, decided she shall bring her friends here soon! It’s cheaper than Pasta Mania (which students love)! And of cos, she made the comment after trying her Spicy Diablo!

Dinner sets start from $16.90 – pasta, soup or salad & a drink. At this price, I must say it’s really worth it!

Pumpkin & Wild Mushroom soups, $3.90

I like it that the mushrooms were slightly chunkier than the ones I had elsewhere. Texture in the creamy blend – good for my fussy taste-buds. Eil likes pumpkin soup but it’s not really my preference.

I rate: 7/10 (for the mushroom soup)

Garden Salad, $6.50

Organic greens tossed with sweet-lemon vinaigrette. I like having salads as a start especially if I’m consuming meaty dishes. And since they use organic greens, I feel even better indulging in other food! 😉

I rate: 7/10

Roasted Garlic Bread, $3.50 

I didn’t try this out as I was feeling full from so many sides! C & Tiff really whacked them cos they love bread!

Tiff commented that she will love it even more if the bread is slightly soft inside. C, on the other hand, simply love bread that are super crispy! It would be better if there’s more garlic to enhance the taste.

C rates: 6.5/10

Tiff rates: 6/10

Truffle Fries, $6.90

Thick french fries seasoned with white truffle oil and topped with shaved truffles.

How can anyone not love this?

The fries are done perfectly. Not oily, but not dry until I have hard time swallowing (happens before! Don’t remember where though!).  All you gotta know is… I had 2 fries, and when I turned back, the bowl was already emptied! *pokes around to see if can find anymore left*

I rate: 8/10

Garlic Shrimp, $8.50

Prawns sautéed in olive oil and garlic then finished with fresh parsley.

The prawns were so fresh, chewy yet crunchy. The most ideally-cooked kind of prawns that I love! This is just in between sashimi & very well-cooked prawns! This side dish is something I wouldn’t mind NOT sharing & have them all to myself! ;-p

I rate: 8.5/10

Spicy ‘Diablo’ Crab & Prawn, $18.50

Egg Tagliolini with prawns and crab claw meat tossed in a spicy egg sauce.

Both Tiff & C had this pasta and they were full of praises for it! The portion of the prawns and crab meat is really generous and fresh! They serve it the same way to everyone, not because we are invited guests!  It was a bit too spicy for C as she isn’t someone who takes spicy stuff, but she finished up every single bit of this Spicy ‘Diablo’ and I didn’t even get to try! *Boohoo* The presentation was great and the taste pretty unique.

C rates: 8/10

Tiff rates: 8.5/10

Carbonara, $14.50

Linguini tossed with double-smoked bacon in an egg-yolk cream sauce.

Eil finds the pasta too soft – “chi bu dao qq de gan jue” (pasta wasn’t springy enough). The good point is that the carbonara is not so creamy that one will get sick of it after 2-3 mouthfuls, which is usually the downfall of carbonara.

Eil rates: 7/10

Pressed Pork Belly, $19.90

Supple crispy-skin pork belly served with braised apples, garden vegetables and honey & clove apple glaze.

I’m not a sucker for pork as my paternal Grandmother used to cook horrible pork dishes but there’s always a ‘but’ in life. This pork belly skin is really crispy as the name suggests! The sauce is poured only when the plate reaches the table. The meat is lean. I was surprised I can accept the layer of fats in between the meat since I used to scrape them off. The braised green apples added a different taste to this fulfilling piece of meat. This dish is truly a surprise to the taste-buds!

I rate: 8.5/10

Crab & Tobiko Bucatini, $17.50

Bucatini tossed in flying fish roe sauce, topped with crab claw meat, Tobiko and seaweed.

A huge, generous portion of Tobiko (fish roe) & crab meat! To be frank, when the pasta was served, I thought it looked a little “dull” & unattractive enough for the photo as it didn’t have enough oil, however, after some mixing, the look of it pleased me. It was a tad too soft for me even though I love soft food. I expected pasta to have that bouncy, springy feel in the mouth but it didn’t. It kinda tasted like the chinese yellow noodles. I guessed it’s because Bucatini is a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the centre, perhaps it cooks faster than others like spagetti or linguine? Or maybe I just don’t know well enough. The taste was very different from any other pastas I had tried. Tasteful but not overwhelming and it lingers. And this is definitely one of the rare times I try a non-spicy pasta. 😉

I rate: 7.5/10

We had so many drinks. There is one which I like – Pink Lemonade! I’m gonna try out their beer cocktails this week when I bring my friends there for a meal!

Overall: Food presentations really stay as close as to the photos in the menu! The food and ingredients are definitely quality enough to make me wanna visit Platypus Kitchen again! And with such affordable prices and quality hand-made pasta, my favourite place (Bugis) is just getting better! Another plus point is that they will be introducing seasonal menus! That means you won’t have any chance to get sick of a 10-year old menu. Expect a change of the menu every 6 months at Platypus! 😉

Nicholas has kindly gave each of us his best-selling cookbook “Bachelor’s Banquet”! Inside, there’s various very-easy-to-follow recipes that got C (the culinary noob) flipping through it for a good while! I’m hoping to try out some dishes/dessert & impress myself & the family soon!

200 Victoria Street, #03-29 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Phone: 6333 4434

Click HERE to link with them on Facebook.



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