Favourite Noms at The Central, Clarke Quay

What a great day to publish this post so I can take the chance to wish you guys a Happy-2013-to-come!

I am eating my lunch & picking out fish bones while writing this, and also thinking what food are the guys gonna prepare for the year-end party tonight! That shows how much I am a food lover, isn’t it? 😉

C & I specially make a trip down to Marutama Ra-men at The Central as we really love the food there! It has been a year since I last visited during our Park Regis count-down-to-2012 staycation!

That’s my Spicy Nama Karashi Ramen with added Tamago (egg). C & I shared the side dish – Gyoza.

I drank so much of the delicious, creamy, fragrant soup that I couldn’t finish my ramen again!

I have not yet come across any ramen that has this kind of broth! The soup seems to contain A LOT of essence, as if 10kg of meat & bones were used to cook a bowl. It was glistening! The ramen noodles itself, were very normal though.

We love sitting by the counter. It feels like we are really in one of those small, authentic ramen shop in Japan. I will eat as fast & as loud as I can since everyone does that! This is also why facing counter is the best as probably only the chefs see my unglam face! LOL!! XD

Although they have an extremely small variety in their menu which is an A5 chart, they are really good at what they serve!

Marutama is definitely my top 3 ramen places!



Had a go at the “Bananas Foster on baked waffle” at Marble Slab Creamery for the first time & it was damn super good! Even though we were extremely full from the ramen, we couldn’t stop the spoon-to-mouth action!

 I have no idea how to describe this, but I’ll try & I hope it’s accurate!

The vanilla ice cream was mixed with fine oreo bits, bananas and chocolate chunks, with caramel on top.

The first mouthful already stole my heart! It was very rich, yet refreshing. We indulge but we didn’t get sick of it just like some chocolate ice cream that you wouldn’t finish all of it. I think this is better than Cold Stone!

 The next stop for dessert, I hope I can go to Clementi for the crepe cakes!

What’s your favourites? 😉


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