Geared up for that Oriental Las Vegas Night!

I had a big headache thinking what to wear – Oriental, Las Vegas or a clever mix of both to C’s company D&D!

That also means that I gotta look my best! I rebonded my hair days before & also had my nails done. I contemplated between a “man” or “lady” look. After I decided, I was struggling to find a bag which is chic & cheap.

A big thanks to my dress, hair & nail sponsor!


Now… let’s check out my outfit!



Sibei chio de Gamble Queen. So chio until only I stand out leh!

Muhahahahahahaha!!!! (Hope no one choke okie)

 Gamble Queen is no joke one ok! So professional until the poker cards also imprinted on my nails! *hiak hiak hiak!*

This set of amazing nail design was done by: Amour Nails

I should get a “Best Nails” award, isn’t it! ;-p

(man decked out in a pokercard outfit behind me! BEST lah!)

This ESTELLE LACED DRESS is sponsored by ! It’s a office dress I guess, but I transformed it D&D worthy! How do I look?

I received 2 dresses from them for quite some time already but I didn’t have the chance to wear them.

The dresses fit me really well… except for the length cos I am such a shortie! So I brought my dresses to a tailor and had the length altered!!

The quality of the dress is really fantastic! Nothing I can ever get from a blogshop really! (Check out how the model looks in it here.)

This dress has 3 layers, hence I didn’t worry if it’s see-through material. It is so well-structured and it adheres to me perfectly. The slightly flare skirt also maximizes my movement. What’s great is that the red belt came with the dress, and it is definitely not those cheapo belt that comes free with the clothing kind!

I received many compliments when I wore this & I feel so encouraged that I decided to start wearing more dresses! ;-D

Go take a look & pick something for yourself too!!

I bought this studded envelope clutch at Bugis Village for $15! It was $25, but I went ahead with their pre-order and stole a deal!

C & her awesome colleagues! Trishaw specially for photo-taking!

We must all “tio” & “huat” all the way in 2013!!

Ending with a short video of them dancing Gangnam!


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