Back to Rebonded Hair!


I know I have said this at least a thousand times for the past decade… but… please just let me repeat:

Rebonding has got to be the best invention ever!!

Who agrees with me?? *make some noise!* ;-p

 Many people would say that rebonded hair is so boring and stiff straight.

Yes, I agree. I wish I have sexy, tousled, out-of-the-bed hair like the angmohs but I gotta face the fact that my hair is born curly, uneven, fine & little. The curls if on happy days, will curl like a repeated S-shape pattern. On unhappy days, they become “O” or “U”, and I will definitely go x_X

I finally caved in to rebonding after trying some kind of styles. I guess I am just the lazy kind who wants fuss-free hair -> blow & go.

So far, only rebonded hair allows me to rush like one siao char bor (crazy woman) but don’t look that much like a siao char bor. LOL!

 At Salon De Choix with Cassandra & Abbie attending to my hair.

 I never worry if I get too hungry while doing my hair as other than the drink & biscuits they provide, I can ask for cup noodles too! No additional charge for those who were asking!

Cassandra brought the cup noodles to me with a pair of Hello Kitty chopsticks! How sweet!

 This is the faded color from the blue I had last month! Read here.

I didn’t want to color my hair this round. Let my hair “rest”! 😉

 Inserts a random pic of the kitty prints on my dress from HK!

 Having Kerastase treatment done after the rebonding to ensure that the “opened” hair cuticles will be “closed” so that hair will be smoother.

 Does my hair looks longer now?? XD

Now, I can attend the upcoming Christmas parties with ease!

Need your hair done for the year end parties too??

Quote “Herine” for 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!

Check out Salon De Choix on their Facebook page!

Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore s239519

Call Salon De Choix at 6836 2959 for any inquiries or to make your booking.


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